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Re: baby and diet changes: from Davina on 2007-07-20

My has been sick after each feed since birth I fed him on the breast for 5 months now cow's milk formula. He was prescribed gaviscon but it didn't help at all. He is sick right up to the next feed.

My son is eight month old now and on three meals a day with snacks in between (down to 4 bottles) and still he is sick after solid food . He has an incredibly sensitive stomach but seems to be thriving however, he still suffers with cramping and trapped wind and his stools are hard but will pass them approx 3 times a day.

Could this be an intolerance? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my GP.

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Re: baby and diet changes: from Rehana on 2007-07-31

My baby is 6months .we have been having problems finding the right formula for her as she gets excessive flatulence or gets constipated with bad abdominal cramps.since i have started follow on formula she wakes almost every hour at night .i am sleep deprived.please help.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Heidi on 2007-08-14

Hi! My 4 month old is a very strong breastfeeder, she has servere GERD since bitrh and I am biding time until she out grows as my other two did. Lately though, she doesn't seem satisfied later in the day. So, I have been giving her one 4oz bottle a day of bottled water mixed with gerber Rice cereal and she loves it! I was wondering if I can put Goat's milk or Silk plain Soy Plus that has DHA to the cereal? Maybe just a little for flavor or instead of water? Thanks

Re: baby and diet changes: from Kathy on 2007-08-27

I am 34 and was diagnosed with Celiac in 2001. I had blood work done looking at certain antibioties which came back off the charts so then my dr did a biopsy and it showed Celiac. I had my twins tested and so far no sign of the disease. I do have a 10 month which I havent had tested yet. From what I hear....you introduce normal foods as you would any other baby. If you refrain from gluten it could mess the test up. My pediatrician said normally she doesnt see Celiac develop until the teens.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Peter on 2007-08-27

It is true that adopting a gluten-free diet hinders the tests, but the best advice that I have seen is that it is best to delay the introduction of gluten into a baby's diet if close relatives have been diagnosed as celiac. This allows the immune system in the gut to develop further and reduces the chances of the celiac condition developing later.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Andi on 2009-03-01

FYI: Most doctors are not very well informed regarding celiac disease. Your doctor is wrong. I have celiac disease and I personally know families who have young children (3, 5 and 6 years old) who have celiac disease. Your best source for information about celiac disease is a local support group. Those who have celiac disease have to be informed for their own good, have researched it and are very willing to share what they know with others in hopes of helping them. I have learned so much from researching online and reading books about it. Another important thing to know:

Celiacs are much more susceptible to having other food intolerances/allergies and sometimes after eliminating gluten from their diet will still have digestive issues. I know I did and NONE of the doctors could help me. I discovered this on my own, took my concerns to an allergist, was tested and the tests came back positive!

Many additives, preservatives and food dyes are the culprits. For me it was carrageenan and MSG! You must read food labels faithfully and become familiar with generic names for these things. Eliminating gluten from your diet is important BEFORE serious complications occur such as infertility, Barrett's esophagus,

asthma, etc. Be your own advocate