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Re: BABY: Diet changes do work: from on 2003-05-23

I have a three month old baby at the time of writing and I am on a totally glutenfree diet because cutting out gluten has improved my skin and also cleared up a slight case of psoriasis. My baby is thriving on breast milk. He is already weighing 8,3kgs. Everyone is commenting on the fact that he is so content with life, alert, physically strong for his age, and the fact that he almost never cries.
A few weeks ago when I accidentally ate food that contained gluten, baby was defenitely unhappy and colicky for about a day.
Another food group that I do not take in any form, is cow's milk products. Foods containing gluten or cow's milk are apparently the two most common foodstuffs reflected in a mother's milk that may cause problems with breastfeeding babies.
The fact that my baby is so strong and healthy just confirmed for me that a mother need not take any dairy products to ensure a healthy strong child. My main sources of calcium are green leafy salads (the darker green the better - I have daily green salads at at least two meals), nuts (almonds, cashews,pecans), seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower, pumpkin), as well as fish (sardines, tuna, salmon, hake) and free range eggs.
Main sources of carbohydrates are brown rice (various types such as short grain, basmati etc) potatoes, and cornmeal breads etc.
Dr Stephen Davies and Dr Alan Steward write in their book Nutritional Medicine (Pan Books) (p346) Infantile colic is very often due to cow's milk intolerance."
"If a mother is drinking cow's milk, certain of the proteins derived from cow's milk appear in her breast milk, are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract of the babyand can then cause problems in susceptible infants. So if a baby has eczema, wheezing, skin problems, digestive problems or sleep disturbances, he or she might be reacting to certain of the foods that the mother is eating. (Apart from dairy foods, other suspects include wheat and citrus fruit.)"
The authors then suggest keeping a food dairy, following a rotated diet, while making sure that nutritional needs are adequitely met. They conclude: "By following the above regimen, we have seen infantile colic, sleep disturbances, skin problems, and restlessness settle beautifully."
From my personal positive experience I truly believe that following an elimination diet for at least two weeks is worth all the sacrifices to be made.
Hope this is helpful. If you need more detailed info please let me know. If anyone does try an elimination diet with good results, do let us know.
Good luck
Liza Hattingh

Re: BABY: Diet changes do work: from on 2003-06-23

I suffered from insulin diabeties in pregnancy - ended up having a emergency section with our son Ethan. His sugars were very low and so he was given cow and gate formula feed in theatre - and that was the start of his problems. He was tube fed formula for a week until my milk came in - and could keep very little of it down.I breastfed him excusively until just past 6 months and he now is down to morning and night feeds. Ethan was extremely sensetive to my diet. I excluded all dairy, onions from MY diet at 6 weeks ( until 9 months) and exluded egg from 14 weeks old. If I ate egg, he projectile vomited and was ill for days. With milk the first thing was posseting and extreme wind - screaming for hours and a rash around his ears and hairline and chin , then his eyebrows and ears went blotchy, yellow spots and the skin peeled ! ( this was from my milk if I ate dairy !!) Another good indicator was his bottom - he gets ( still does with any disagreeable food ) a red anus with a reaction - pillar box red approx 12 to 24 hours after he has eaten something . We started weaning later , with the help of the dietician and local hospital - if your baby is intolerant / allegic they can help but you have to be firm and keep a diary of your babys symptoms. I lso took photos of the rashes. You can get special milks ( soy and nutramigen we tries) on prescription and food supplement powders for energy. Ethan has one called duocal which is carbs and fat to help his energy. Dietary sensetivites are a very real area - as a new mum you are made to feel just useless if your baby cries - its not 'just colic' !! Confidence in a new mum is an art form but you have a right to help if you feel your child is ill. It's what we pay our taxes for !! Perversely I have researched so much I can often tell the doctors a thing or two !! I am finding weaning a challenge but take things a day at a time. Trust your instincts and dont be afraid to eliminate from your own diet - it worked for us and kept Ethan well .Ethan is now 13 months old and is on a dairy , egg and gluten free diet still

Re: BABY: Diet changes do work: from on 2004-01-30

I am so relieived to have found this website. i have just excluded wheat and dairy from my diet and within 48 hours noticed an enormous difference. ( Just omitting dairy did not work) I had ended up in hospital at 6 weeks hysterical that there was something wrong with my second daughter and was told my baby had colic ( all day and all night within 10 mins of being fed) I started using colief which helped a bit but cutting out wheat has really made a difference.

I have found doctors reluctant to make any dietary suggestions - my first daughter became very constipated following cows milk being introduced to her diet and every doctor and health visitor i spoke to denied it could be the cause. However it did disappear within 3 days of stopping cows milk and i have since met a couple of other mothers who have experienced the exact same thing. ( one who had been attending a "poo" clinic at hospital for a year with her daughter)

i think it is probably worth looking at diet for any "colicky" baby. One precaution - if giving up wheat prepared for some horrendous withdrawal headaches about 3 days after giving up

Re: BABY: Diet changes do work: from Peter on 2004-01-31

Withdawal symptoms are a very good indicator that you should be a on a gluten-free diet. Think twice before starting to eat gluten again.


Re: BABY: Diet changes do work: from Sharon Green on 2009-04-20

My son is intolerant of dairy, wheat, gluten and strawberries with a question mark over bananas!!

Can you tell me what you fed your son for breakfast as I am finding it really difficult finding variations for this meal. My baby is 8months and been prescribed Nutramigen. (on the waiting list to liaise with a dietician)

Your story gave me some hope

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