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Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Jeff Bowman on 2006-05-30

As I mentioned before - I have celiac. However I can make me a mixed drink of Barcardi Limon rum(one shot), Zima XXX(one bottle) and a diet sprite(half glass) and it does not affect me. Plus this is a great summer time drink!

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Dave on 2006-06-14


I am from the U.S. and would like to know if I am able to purchase this Gluten free beer here in the states or if I am able to buy and have it shipped here.

Thank You,
Dave Arnott

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from ann pinnegar on 2006-06-15

my name is margaret pinnegar i am a coeliac iwould like to find out where to get gluten free beer from i have been to my local co op but they did not have any they might have some in this weekend please could you help me thank you

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from forrest on 2006-06-22

i have had celiacs disease for over 35 years and am interested in a gluten free beer. i have heard that a beer named sappora from japan is a rice beer, have you heard of this ? i live in roanoke virginia,usa and have looked at all the major food chains and cannot find any gluten free beers. any help would be greatly appreciated

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Chris Atkinson on 2006-07-19

Nigerian Guinness now available at Tesco.

If you've never tried this, then worth a try. I've been registered coelic for the last 4 years, and have become quite partial to this. As it's brewed from sorghun instead of wheat, and has a sufficiently low gluten content my dietician has confirmed it is ok to drink.

I actually prefer the roasted taste to that of Irish Guinness...

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from john on 2006-08-12

does anyone know of retailers who stock gf beer in inner London? thanks

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Ricardo Garcia on 2006-11-23



Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Peter on 2007-01-25

Ben sent me a sample of his Gluten-free Pilsner Beer.
I thought that we would test it at our club party with regular beer drinkers who consider themselves to be a good judge of a pint. They were told that it was a bottled pilsner beer, but no more about it.

The verdict was extremely favourable, with the majority considering it to have an excellent flavour.

The testers didn't know it was a GF beer, so this is definitely not a second rate substitute. It is a good beer in its own right.

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from mrs keelie dale on 2007-02-06

what supermakets can i buy gf alcoholic drinks from e.g. larger,alcoh pops thanks

Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from JUAN HERNANDEZ on 2007-03-06

how does uk gluten free beer compare to us gluten free beer?