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Re: UK Gluten Free Beer: from Kevin Doyle on 2009-09-13

I have been drinking cider lately but it is no substitute for beer is it? Imagine my joy on tasting Hambletons GFL. I have never been a lager drinker and to describe this wonderful drink as lager does it a grave injustice. GFL reminds me of Deuchars IPA but it is slightly stronger. It is so tasty that I am sure that lager drinkers won't like it. Also, I have had the whole Greens range now and have been impressed but GFL has that real British hoppy quality. I can't wait to get my hands on a GFA next.

I bought mine from ASDA in Portsmouth.


Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from Stuart Evans on 2010-02-21

Annhauser Busch(Budweiser) produce Redbridge in the USA,Its widely available through Walmart

Re UK Gluten Free Beer: from isaac james on 2010-03-30

did you ever find out about greens in pittsburgh? I am heading there from Canada this weekend and would love to try it. can't find it up here,

as for gluten free there, i know red bridge is popular and easily available in the u.s

most large grocery stores/walmarts have it.

but i would love to try greens

Re: beer: from LJ Woodruff on 2010-05-03

My husband has been on the CD diet for almost 3 years. He really likes Red Bridge beer by A. Busch--no wheat or barley. Give it a try. Usually found in the cooler section