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black strap mollases: from on 2005-01-30

please could you kindly tell me where i could buy this product.
It has been recommended for iron defficiency.

many thanks

Re black strap mollases: from cyndy on 2005-05-08

Does anyone know how much mollases to take per day for iron deficiency?

Re black strap mollases: from charles on 2005-07-24

2 to 3 tsp.

Re black strap mollases: from amal sudesh on 2006-01-23

K.G.A Amal Sudesh,
No,1/144, Wadigala,
Sri Lanaka.
I am student of university of Sabaragamuwa I hope to do a project report about the sugar if you can please send me some inportant books . Thank you.

Re black strap mollases: from pauline cherotich on 2006-07-13

a friend recommended that I take one teaspoon daily at bedtime.guess what he theorised- to make hair more full and black, with good strong nails.
I need to know more. It made me have a beautiful deep sleep!


Re: black strap mollases: from edna oldrich on 2006-12-07

what is mollasses made from? what are the ingredients in molllasses?

Re: black strap mollases: from Mollasses on 2006-12-07

Sugar is made by extracting the juice of sugar cane or sugar beet. The juice is then boiled to concentrate it, and the sugar crystallises out. The liquid left behind is still rich in sugar, but also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. This thick syrupy liquid is mollasses.

Re: black strap mollases: from cape town on 2007-05-04

i have been using mollases syrup and bran for 2months and it increased my iron levels from 8.5\% -14.4\%

Re: black strap mollases: from Takudzwa Muguza .E on 2007-06-27

I want to ask:-i read mollases is preserved with sulphur dioxide does this not dangerous effects on the body

-if you want to remove this tingy ,bitter taste from mollases what do you do.

-if you want to extact sugar from mollase what do you do

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