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Re Blood test in UK GENE TEST: from Alex on 2006-08-06

My child did the Sunderland test for casein/gluten intolerance https://osiris.sunderland.ac.uk/autism/index.html which is used when parents think that their child might have allergy acquired autism. It looks at the peptides that yhave been excreted in the urine.

Because my child had postive results for the test, he has been gluten-free for over a year but I would like him tested for coeliac - is a gene test available yet to give a prior indication? My sister in law is gluten intolerant (husband's sister) so I don't know whether that is a sufficient connection in genetic terms.

When my child did have gluten he had autistic symptoms - the removal of this means he is normal (apart from numerous allergies) - is this a symptom of coeliac ina nay way or is it a differnet disease?

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