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Blood test in UK: from on 2002-08-10

Are there any places in the UK where I could have a blood test to see if I am gluten intolerant?

Also, does anyone know if there is a blood test for casein intolerance

Re: Blood test in UK: from Peter on 2002-08-14

Any doctor should give you a blood test for the coeliac condition if there is any reason to suspect that this may be the case.
Note that the test is not as effective if you have already started a gluten-free diet, and does not pick up non-coeliac gluten allergy..
There is no evidence that any of the tests done by sending away blood samples for 'allergy testing' provide useful results. The consumers association once sent away the same blood sample to a selction of clinics, none were in agreement with any other.
The only final test is to completely remove all traces of gluten from the diet and see if there is any improvement


Re: Blood test in UK: from on 2004-05-19

i have a 4-years autistic child ,i live in Jiddah (K.S.A.) and i want to perform the casein/gluten screen blood test for him in UK .Is there any lab in UK that accepts the blood sample sent to it

Re Blood test in UK: from sonny on 2006-05-17

Dr Chris Steel was being interviewed on This Morning today about Celiac desease he was showing how to use the new blood testing kit for Celiac which you can buy over the counter at Boots the Chemist from today,I'm sure if you went on the This Morning web site there should be something about the topic.

Re Blood test in UK GENE TEST: from Alex on 2006-08-06

My child did the Sunderland test for casein/gluten intolerance https://osiris.sunderland.ac.uk/autism/index.html which is used when parents think that their child might have allergy acquired autism. It looks at the peptides that yhave been excreted in the urine.

Because my child had postive results for the test, he has been gluten-free for over a year but I would like him tested for coeliac - is a gene test available yet to give a prior indication? My sister in law is gluten intolerant (husband's sister) so I don't know whether that is a sufficient connection in genetic terms.

When my child did have gluten he had autistic symptoms - the removal of this means he is normal (apart from numerous allergies) - is this a symptom of coeliac ina nay way or is it a differnet disease?

Re Blood test in UK: from Peter on 2006-08-06

I think this is probably the best test that your child can have at this stage. The standard tests don't work well after one year on a gluten-free diet, and I would not advise giving gluten to eat for a period of time so that you can confirm the diagnosis.

If your husband's sister has been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, that would suggest that the diagnosis for your child is the correct one.

The important thing is that you maintain a diet that removes the experienced symptoms. The label given to the problem is not the important one.

A reaction to gluten can cause a very wide range of symptoms that can be labelled in many different ways. One cause, many different labels. Autism can be a symptom of gluten allergies (but it can be caused by other substances, or the cause may be unknown)