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Re: Bloodtest or biopsy: from Peter on 2008-01-17

I have had the biopsy done a couple of times. A little groggy afterwards, but no discomfort for me.

Re: Bloodtest or biopsy: from Elaine Scott on 2008-02-02


I have been having problems for about 8 months now and was at Hospital on Monday for a colonoscopy and they also took a couple of biopsies. I was really scared but was given sedation and can honestly say that I never felt a thing. I should get my results next week. Good luck, hope you get on ok

Bloodtest or biopsy: from caroline mcleod on 2008-10-27


a blood test would diagnose Coeliac,however they also need to do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and also to see if there are any malignant changes in your small bowel....its routine takes minutes to do via gastroscopy.Not very pleasant but its over and done with quickly