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Blue cheese: from andy i on 2007-03-29

I've checked the "what you can/can't eat" topics and there doesn't seem t be any information on this. I read elsewhere here that (maybe?) blue cheeses contain gluten because bread is used in the process of making them. Is this true, and is it the case for all blue cheeses?

I understand that processed cheeses are to be avoided as they may have gluten added, but I thought other cheeses were ok. I'm gradually adjusting myself psychologically to the idea of having giving up many foods and drinks that I enjoy - I absolutely love blue cheeses - does they really have to be added to the list? :(

Thans for any info.


Blue cheese: from ariela on 2007-12-05

Hi! I have wondered about bleu cheeses as well. I read an article in "gluten-free living" magazine talking about bleu cheese. It said that gorgonzola cheeses are definately off the food list for celiacs. Bleu cheeses can be ok, the problem is that it is so difficult to find out with each brand if the mold was grown on bread or not. So there are bleu cheeses that are ok, but it is better to avoid all of bleu cheeses just because you never know.

I also love bleu cheeses, but how about trying different such as goat cheeses, maybe some smoked goat cheese(I say goat because it has a bit of tang to it), goudas, feta is also a good substitute. You won't get the same taste as bleu cheese, but you might discover something else you are crazy about and that you know is good for your body. Hope this helps. Check out the article online.


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