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bread recipes: from Marika on 2008-05-25

Hi Margaret.

My name is Marika. I would like to have some of your yeast free recipes for bread with bread makers. Thanks

Also, I have a question perhaps you can help me with.

I started a yeast free diet, so I am not sure I can still make bread using my cookworks b.machine, but avoiding any yeast i.e. just putting flour, water, oil and salt as ingredients?

any suggestions? a friend who works in a health shop said he does it all the time with his b.machine, but its a different one.

Help! I need to make bread, but wouldn't want my kitchen to explode!

Thanks (I could not find any contacts for cookworks on line)


Re bread recipes: from Barbara on 2008-09-05

Margaret, I am very interested in your recipes for gf and yeast free bread recipes as I also have a Panasonic breadmaker and find it difficult to find recipes to suit my diet and I miss my bread. Barbara Martindale

Gluten Free and Yeast Free Bread Recipes: from Krista Catlow on 2010-05-10

Hello Margaret,

Would you mind emailing me the recipes you have for yeast free and gluten free bread. I too have the SD253 and am struggling to find any recipes that produce good quality bread.

Many many thanks for the offer,


Yeast Free Bread Recipes: from ariadna on 2010-06-10

hi, I'm looking for help. I have yeast intolerance and I've recently bought a bread machine to do my own yeast free bread. I've tried the few recipes I've found, but all have had unsuccessful results. Does anyone here have some they can share?? I would really really appreciate it.



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