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Re Millet Bread Recipe: from eman on 2005-06-06

hi i'm eman and i need more information about the miller bread please answear me

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Peter on 2005-06-06

It is the gluten in wheat that makes products like pasta, and macaroni much easier to make. It also prevents them from breaking up when boiled in water.

You could try using egg or various edible gums with millet to make a macaroni type product.


Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Bob on 2005-06-27

I am new to gluten free, any one out there with good recipies for bread in a breadmachine? My three boys (all gf) need some direction.

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Kyla Duffy on 2005-07-09

Have you tried Whole Foods new gluten free breads? I really like the raisin bread, which is something that I have really missed in the last three years that I haven't been eating gluten.

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from margaret on 2005-07-20

Hi,I have a Panasonic SD253 breadmaker which has a gluten setting on it, I find it a good breadmaker.I also have some gf and yeast free bread recipes recipes. they are too long to put on here, but if you want to e-mail me, I'd be more than happy to e-mail you the recipes.

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from margaret on 2005-07-20

Regarding the recipes, please put 'bread recipe' on subject line so I know it's not spam mail

Bread Dough: from Brenda on 2005-08-04

Would like to know if I can freeze gluten free bread dough & if so do I have to let it rise once it is mixed or do I let it rise when I take if from the freezer.

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Sue on 2005-08-29

Hi Margaret,
Could you please e-mail gfa and yeast bread recipes for me. Thanks in forward.
Kind regards,

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from on 2005-09-27

There are some gf bread recipes at http//coeliac.info/suppboard/index.php?c=2 - look under Bread and also recipes for other intolerances. Some are also yeast free

Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Roberta Herrera on 2006-01-30

I found this recipe for Hunza Millet Bread on the internet

1 c. millet flour
1 c. grated carrors
1 T honey
1 T sea salt
1 T vegetable oil
2 eggs

Combine in bowl flour, crrots, oil, honey and salt.
Mix well, then stir 3/4c of boiling hot water into the mixture. Beat egg yolks well, adding 2 T. cold water. Continue to bet and then add to the mixture. Fold in stiffly beated egg whites and bake in a hot oiled pan -at- 350 for 40 min.

I just now found this recipe so have not had the chance to try it. Hope it will be a good one.