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Re Millet Bread Recipe: from Maggie Anne on 2009-01-21

First off I'm not an expert by any strech of the imagination, but I have a dairy allergy myself (not to be confused with lactose intolerent). I've had it my whole life (the doc realized it when I was only one week old and could not hold down reg. formula) Tho I continued to have dairy (in moderation of course) I am now 18 and I still have the allergy actually it has become worse. So I'm not so sure that exposing her to dairy is such a good idea. Now I'm not deathly allergic to milk ect. but in the last few years I have found that I cannot handle it at all without upseting my stomach a lot... I don't know but thats just my opinion. Also I don't see that nuts were mentioned. Can she tolerate almond milk?? I would just hate her to be unconfortable for the sake of her possibly becoming imune. B/c I was told he same thing and it did not work....

Also I was reserching this for my mom who is on a strict vegan wheat free diet (she has cancer and we are told that wheat is highly acidic) and is there a natural product I can use in place of eggs in bread that will act as the "glue" like eggs usually do?? (oh and she is also not allowed to have corn! Ahhhh!)

Many thanks for all of the post on this site, they have been immensely helpful!!!!

Thanks Maggie Anne (usa

gf bread using breadmaker: from Cherry on 2009-02-27

I'm afraid the Panasonic is the only breadmaker that is always successful. I have had friends who have bought much cheaper brands and have had to go on to buy a Panasonic. It is by far the best machine so I would advise you to sport the money and start making lovely bread. Occasionally they are on offer for £70 so you might be lucky in finding a shop that has this machine on sale. It makes dough for rolls which you bake in your conventional oven - very successful. Also all the speciality breads are delicious

Re: Millet Bread Recipe: from susan on 2009-03-26

My celiac daughter and I bought a loaf of Deland's Millet Zucchini bread today in a local health food store. As we had never had it before, we checked the ingredients and i made her a sandwich for lunch. As others on this website have experienced, within 5 hours she became extremely ill. I feel it is against the law (as well as morally unethical) to have in VERY small print "contains wheat, gluten or yeast" when NONE of those ingredients are listed. The only ingredients listed are all GF. Cross contamination can allow a label to say that it was processed in such a facility, but that is not what they are saying. And, in fact, they don't use wheat in their facility so the only cross contamination would be with oats, which many celiacs can tolerate. The degree of sickness which she is experiencing is much more than cross contamination. We have contacted the FDA and hope that others will do so as well

Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from jonathan cohen on 2009-03-28

looking for a recipe for bread using Morphy Richards bread maker with cornflour or other gf flour.

Thank you

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Mick on 2009-03-31

Hi, Margaret, I saw your message on the gluten free site. I wondered if you could email me any recipies for gluten/yeast free bread/rolls scones etc please. I,m about to buy a Panasonic SD254 breadmaker. Does the bread /etc really taste good when cooked in these machines ?. Thanks. Regards Mick

gluten free bread using breadmaker: from patricia braithwaite on 2009-05-23

Has anybody made a gf loaf using the Glutafin gf multipurpose white mix because mine does not seen to have risen I followed the instructions one by one sent by glutafin but still not a success. Thanks


Spelt Bread: from kurt on 2009-06-20

SPELT IS WHEAT! Contains gluten.

Read the following definition from the internet!

Question: Are spelt and spelt flour gluten-free?

Answer: Spelt is a species of wheat, so spelt and spelt flour are NOT gluten-free.

People who believe that spelt (scientifically known as Triticum spelta) is gluten-free and safe for people with celiac disease are mistaken.

According to the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, foods that contain spelt or kamut cannot carry "wheat-free" or "wheat-alternative" labels.

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from jana on 2009-07-22

you very kindly offered recipes for gf and gf yeast free bread in a breadmaker (i have a panasonic). might you be so kind as to send them to me too?

best wishes


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Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Trevor on 2009-09-12

Hi Sue

I've been coeliac for over 7 years. My first attempts a breadmaking were rubbish but I now look forward to my bread rolls. I combine 250g Juvela (on prescription) with 250g Dove's GF bread flour (available from all supermarkets), then follow the recipe on the back of the Juvela box to make a dozen large rolls. They rise for 30 mins in the top oven on the lowest temp setting and the cook in the oven at 190 deg C in 20 mins. Once cold I put them in the freezer and take one out whenever I need one. 30 secs in the microwave and then toasted - delicious. Careful though, I've had to limit my intake to keep my waistline in check

Bread Recipe: from Tony Simons on 2009-10-24

Dear Margaret,

My 17-year-old daughter Vanessa has just been diagnosed as coeliac. We do have a panasonic breadmaker 260 (and a regular oven if need be), and I would be grateful for any recipes you have. As we live in Kenya we can get some gluten-free flours but not a wide selection.