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gf bread: from Dave Taylor on 2007-03-30

I would love to know your recipe for cornbread if possible! Thanks


gf bread: from rhyll on 2007-04-01

could I please have your recipe

Re: Millet Bread Recipe: from Tanya on 2007-04-05

I am also trying to duplicate Sami's Bread recipe. If anyone is successful, please pass it on. I will try the recipes mentioned throughout this posting and report back. Could also try the website livingwithout.com.

Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Becky on 2007-04-05


I just saw your posting and yes, I have been using my bread machine for 5 years now and I dont know what I would do with out it!

I purchase gluten free bread mixes from my local speciality grocer and the machine makes the yummiest, easiest bread ever!

a quick tip in case you try this out...add your wet ingredients first then add your dry ingredients make a small hole in the top of your dry ingredients and add the yeast packet. Hit start and in 3 hours, you have the best loaf of bread!

Re: Millet Bread Recipe: from Hollie on 2007-04-06

I bought a cook book that might help you parents with young kids. It is "The kid-frienly ADHD & Autism Cookbook" The Ultimate guide to the gluten-free, casein-free diet. by Pamela J. Compart, MD and Dana Laake, RH, MS, LDN. I bought it for the recipes, have yet to try any but thought it might help some of you. It also comtains recipes with no glluten, milk, soy, egg, corn and nuts. Hope it helps.

Spelt Bread: from Donna-Marie Keegan on 2007-04-18


I was advised to stay off wheat and yeast. This proving very difficult for me as most things (apart from fresh fruit & veg!!) contain one or the other. However I was advised to make spelt bread for which I have tried to find a recipe online. Unfortunately all of the recipes I have come across for spelt bread are made using yeast which I dont want. I found an American recipe for spelt bread without yeast but I find it a bit confusing with the measurements and so was hoping you may have a recipe with no yeast for spelt bread in our english terms !! (Im from Ireland)

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,


Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Peter on 2007-04-18

Do note that spelt is not gluten-free, and should not be eaten on a gluten-free diet.

Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Rosie Nelson on 2007-04-27

Could I please have some wheat free, milk free breadmaking recipes suitable for the breadmaker machine.



Wheat, gluten, dairy free bread machine receipes: from valerie on 2007-04-30

I am in need of wheat, gluten, and dairy free bread receipes. Receipes period without these ingredients. I can have rice, oat, rye , spelt and soy flours, buckwheat, amaranth, kamut, millet and rice milk. Any receipes would be greatly appreciated..

Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Susan Chadd on 2007-05-21

Hi, I'm completely new to all this. I need a bread mix for my son who has to avoid dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, soya, barley, oats and rye. So that leaves potato, rice and corn and anything else I haven't heard of yet. I'd really appreciate any recipes or brands that we could try in or out of a bread machine,