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Re Millet Bread Recipe: from on 2007-09-27

Re: Millet Bread Recipe: from joy on 2007-10-26

I too, would love to find some decent gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, yeast-free bread for my little boy.

I am intrigued by NAET. I have heard of it before and wondered if it really works. I would love to know about your experiences with it because my five year old son is allergic to 25 things....


Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Rob on 2007-12-07

Yeh if you could email receipe for yeast free to snowogu -at- hotmail.co.uk that would be great - our breadmaker is sitting there doing nothing as my isn't eating any yeast.


Homemade GF bread with breadmaker: from Seejay on 2007-12-27

Hi! I was only diagnosed a month ago and I'm stunned at how unpalatable the available bread is - it's clearly made for a captive audience who have limited choice!!

Before I splash out on a breadmaker I'd be really grateful if someone could let me know ;

Whether breadmaker GF bread is significantly better?

How long it lasts and whether it goes crumbly?

How easy is it to make?

Which is best a packet mix or true 'home made'?

Any other hints/tips would be massively appreciated!! :-)

Other than the bread debacle I'm finding the diet pretty do-able and feeling soooooo much better after just a few weeks that any diet would be ok!

Thanks ever so

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Abeer on 2008-01-21


This is not a spam

Am looking for bread receipes for bread maker machine. it has to be yeast free too, would you kindly e-mail me your receipe, I highly apprecaite it thank you


Re Wheat and yeast free bread: from Barry Owen on 2008-01-21

Hi Margaret....

I'm looking for Wheat and Yeast free Bread recipes.....My Bread Maker does not

have a special setting for this but am wuite happy to oven bake if required..

Regards, Barry

Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Janette on 2008-03-17


I recently bought a breadmaker and have made some good ordinary white bread but had no success with gluten free bread. I have tried a mix and also recipes on the back of the flour bags but with no success.

Could you please email me the flour and recipesyou use.

Thank you,


Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Sheona on 2008-03-21

Dear Janette,

If you e-mail me directly I'll let you have details of breadmaking recipes. Although baking GF is different when compared to using conventional flour, the results can be really very good. You'll find my e-mail address at drossa.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes.


Re gf bread using breadmaker: from chris pye on 2008-03-21

please could you email me your bread recipes for gf bread. also if you have any for biscuits. thanks

Spelt Bread: from T on 2008-04-24

Hi, Any chance you could let me have the american spelt bread recipe as I invested in some great cup measures before I left and find it quicker to use them if I can. I haven't found any recipes without yeast either so would like to try it.