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Breakfast cereals: from on 2004-09-06

I am very frustrated with dealing with this celiac disease diet.

Right now I would love to find some breakfast cereals I can eat!

Rice Krispies are out
Corn Pops are out
Corn Flakes are out
Krispex is out
The only thing I have found is Puff Rice!

It is my understanding that malt needs to be avoided. Why can't the manufacturers not use malt and in cereals such as Rice Krispies just don't put any wheat products in it?

Anyone know something out there I don't?

I have been on this diet since July 18th. It is tough.


Re: Breakfast cereals: from on 2004-09-07

I have celiac disease too, and am JUST starting the diet today. I am eating Enviro-kids Frosted Flakes right now, which are gluten free and taste pretty good. If you go into the Organic section of the grocery store, there are lots of products that say "gluten free" on the label. Good luck

Re: Breakfast cereals: from on 2004-11-14

Personally I eat the kellogs cereals from time to time and have not suffered from any ill effect, the malt extract is such a tiny quantity. Corn flakes, rice crispies have both been fine .. even the odd bowl of crunchy nut..as for puffed rice and the ogran gf porridge flakes...yeuck :o

Re: Breakfast cereals: from on 2004-12-08

I too was very frustrated about Kelloggs adding wheat to their Corn Pops--I discovered it after eating the changed version for a few months! (obviously it didn't affect the taste if I hadn't realized it until I read the box again!) I have contacted them to complain--we all need to speak up!

I've discovered some pretty good gluten-free less-popular brands cereals:
Whole Foods Market 365 brand makes Honey Frosted Flakes which taste just like Kelloggs Frosted Flakes! Also, Health Valley makes Rice Crunch-Ems and Corn Crunch-Ems which are very similar to and almost as good as Rice Chex and Corn Chex.

My children, who are also celiacs, like Puffins (only the honey rice variety is gluten-free) and Panda Puffs (peanut butter variety is gluten-free).

I believe Post Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles are gluten-free too

Re: Breakfast cereals: from on 2004-12-14

I have not been able to find a single variety of corn syrup that does not contain vanilla. Corn syrup is listed on the safe list though - so what's the scoop

Re: Breakfast cereals: from on 2004-12-20

I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 4 years ago. No, the diet is no fun, except that I have found that I can eat most of the mexican food I like. I try to stay away from most cereals, although I love rice crispie treats. After all these years I still have a very sensitive stomach. Rice crispies don't seem to bother me. A friend of mine made me some "snowman poop", (cocoa puffs with peanut butter and powdered sugar) it looks great but I am afraid to try it. I can't bear the thought of spending Christmas week in the bathroom! I have found that Hodgson Mills fine milled rice flour is an excellent alternative to bake with. I make a killer cornbread. I have found this flour and others at Albertsons in the "health food" isle.
I have also found that hot and spicy pork skins crushed up make an excellent coating for chicken(YUM

Re Breakfast cereals: from Kevin Burkhardt on 2005-04-20

In regards to what Laura posted, the Whole Foods Brand 365 Frosted Flakes are excellent - they taste just like the real thing - and they're inexpensive, unlike most gluten free food. I also like Nature's Path Sweet Corn Flakes, which are good. Nature's Path also makes a bunch of other "Envirokids" cereals which are OK. I'll have to check, but I believe that Kinikinnick is the brand....they make very good donuts and decent bagels - definitely worth a look.

Re Breakfast cereals: from Cindy on 2005-08-09


Are Tostito's really Gluten Free. I've just been diagnosed with Celiac disease after a year of suffering. I love Salsa and couldn't think of having it without my Tostito's.

Thanks for your help.


Re Breakfast cereals: from Lonna on 2006-04-15

Corn, corn syrup and any other name that contains corn causes me lots of problems....I suggest cutting out any thing containing corn......this has improved my health from poor and failing to 100\%. I also cut out wheat, gluten, sugar, grains and dairy. I have been symptom free for 3 years from endometriosis, acne, gas and bloating, sleepless nights, red eyes, sneezing and clearing my throat....I should add that my granddaughter only eats meat and veggies, fruit and rice....she only drinks water since she has been weaned from her mother. My daughter kept the same diet while nursing....our little one, now 16 months has not had a sick day since birth. She never had the throw ups, a cold, earache, or any other ill day. She wont eat processed foods as she had never had any of the above mentioned things in her diet and does not care for the taste....She is happy and healthy. This type of eating also relieved me from depression and angry moods swings. I recently visited family I hadnt seen in over 6 years.....I was told more than once that I look younger now. I have not had plastic surgery. When I eat bad foods........my face does look drawn and not relaxed. I love how I feel now and will not return to eating the old way.....I have done this for 3 years, and I have not even had a cold in that time.

Re Breakfast cereals: from Evan on 2006-06-27

I was diagnosed in Sep. '05. I am about to eat some fresh fluke dipped in corn flakes containing malt syrup. I will let you know...