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Breakfast cereals: from bev on 2009-01-29

Didn't eat for 2 years for this reason but then my dad found an article in a booklet published by the coeliac society which implied there was a difference between barley malt extract//flavouring which meant one was suitable whilst the other was not. It would be useful to clarify this if anyone knows the facts. If it says 'suitable for coeliacs' on the packet, it is seriously misleading. Maybe someone out there could clarify the facts

Re: Breakfast cereals: from mandy on 2009-06-11

i must say I dont have any problem with Tesco own make crunchy nut cornflakes

Re Breakfast cereals: from Autumn on 2009-07-10

Hi, I just wanted to say that you encouraged me.Thank you for that and congratulations. My son is 11 and we just found out that he is allergic to gluten, wheat, gliadin (gluten protein), rye, all dairy from cows, casein (milk protein), oranges, soybeans, eggs, honey, almonds and peanuts. He has had chronic ear problems since he was born. (too many ear infections to count, multiple sets of tubes, hearing loss and continual fluid) I do thank God that we found the problem and my prayeres have been answered, but I am completely overwhelmed. I have been on the computer for hours and days doing reasearch but I'm still so confused because I'm finding that so many things are linked together. I now know all the hidden words that stand for free glutamic acid (MSG) which just makes everything harder. Does my son just need to go all natural like your family did? How do I make the transition easier on him? Now I'm finding out that when something says "Gluten Free" then that's not always true. Is there any kind of BBQ sauce he can have or do they all have vinegar? He can't have vinegar because he's also allergic to Baker's yeast and Brewer's yeast, or can he? I don't understand why the doctor's he has had for all these years didn't help figure out what was wrong. I finally took him to see an holistic doctor after talking to quite a few people and she helped him. Now it's up to me to make him better through his nutrition.


Thank you so much

Breakfast cereals: from Karena Lee on 2009-08-17

At Whole Foods, there is a pretty good variety of breakfast cereals: GF cheerios, Gorilla Munch (like corn pops), GF corn Flakes, Leapin' Leamers (made from corn, has a combo of chocolate and peanut butter flavor) etc.

At Trader Joes, there is a GF granola made from corn, fruit and nuts.

Anyway, I know how you feel. I am struggling with the same thing. Sometimes it feels as though I cannot eat anything

Breakfast cereals: from Jana on 2009-10-15

Check out all the "Chex" cereals which are now labeled gluten-free...

Rice Chex

Corn Chex

Cinammon Chex

Honey Nut Chex

Re Breakfast cereals: from Toni on 2009-11-22

Where can I but General Mills Cocoa Puffs in the UK? My som had them in the US and now has a craving for them her but I can't find them in the stores.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it! Thanks, Toni

Re: Breakfast cereals: from on 2010-01-09

All Chex cereals are gluten free...there are several flavors. I personally LOVE the honey nut Chex

Breakfast cereals: from Cindy on 2010-01-20

General Mills Corn Chex, Cinnamon (corn and rice) Chex, and Honey Nut Chex are gluten free. Hope this helps

Re: Breakfast cereals: from christina on 2010-02-17

does any body no if caned juce have grapes in it. I cant have wheat or grapes and I go to the organic section an everything has caned juce. so it makes it harder for me i also cant have eggs or chicken. help

Re Breakfast cereals: from christine on 2010-05-05

Hi I have been giving my daughter rice krispies and coco flakes ever since she was diagnosed with and intolerance to wheat, rye, oats and barley. She was still getting some symptoms, and when I phoned kelloggs, I discovered that barley malt flavouring actually has barley in it, which has really disappointed me, as it`s really misleading, so no, sorry you cannot eat anything with malt flavouring, as it is usually made with barley, and therefore has gluten in it

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