77.Breakfast cereals Moderated discussion and help for gluten free, coeliac, celiac, wheat allergies or intolerance, Cookery and recipes part 5

Breakfast cereals: from Carmella Moore on 2010-08-08

Rice Chex and Corn Chex are Gluten FREE and now they say so very large on the front of the box

Breakfast cereals: from jessie on 2010-08-08

Try Honey Nut Chex cereal - they are gluten free and tasty

Breakfast cereals: from Barbara Cox on 2010-08-08

Believe me Barb, I too am feeling your frustration. However I have found a product that I think you will enjoy. Only took me ten years to find it....Scharrs Corn Flakes and they are really yummy. They are an italian produst..expensive but well worth the money. I too, used the puff rice and found out after a number of years it was this product that was mainly responsible for my constant dirrohea and that was because it had physllium in it. Hope this helps.........Barbara

Breakfast cereals: from Josh on 2010-08-19

I live in Ontario Canada and we have a brand called Presidents Choice which makes just about everything. Presidents Choice has a wheat free cereal called "Crunchy Corn" which tastes Exactly like Kellogs Corn pops. I pick it up at Fortinos supermarket, best cereal i've had on this diet yet

Breakfast cereals: from tara on 2010-10-23

I use rice chex. I love the cinnamon sugar or the honey nut flavor. now i just eat the cinnamon sugar flavor because i am allergic to nuts now

Breakfast cereals: from Lee on 2010-10-26

General Mills has Gluten Free Chex Cereals. Cinnamon Chex great snack, super taste, and good in milk too.

Corn Chex, same.

Honey-Nut Chex, almost too sweet as a snack, but great trail mixer and great in milk.

All Gluten-free and written big letters on the front of the package.

Yummm, yum!


Re Breakfast cereals: from fellow sufferer on 2010-11-21

If your daughter has been diagnosed as a coeliac join the coeliac society. They issue a booklet (my bible) giving info on what foods are safe to eat. Kellogs food not safe for us. Try Waitrose for rice crispies and cornflakes. Good luck