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brown sugar and mollases: from on 2003-10-08

hi. just came from a doctor who told me that she thought some brown sugars and some mollasses (sorry about spelling) contains gluten added in manufacturing process. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks

Re: brown sugar and mollases: from on 2004-07-07

I believe that organic blackstrap mollases is gluten free. I am pretty sure the same goes for brown sugar (which is white sugar with mollases added).
I think it is GF unless there is cross contamination of some sort. Which I doubt. But if you want to make sure then buy these products at a healthfood store and don't buy in bulk. Buy packaged only.
Hope this helps!
Toronto ON

Re: brown sugar and mollases: from on 2004-07-10

I have been taking Mollases on a regular basis for over 30 years now, to no ill effect, and am sure it has been beneficial in supplying vital minerals etc. I have been assured by health food "experts" that it is GF and one of the most pure and natural products that there is.

Hope this helps