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buckwheat what is it: from on 2002-01-31

Hi there my three year old son has just been put on a Gluten free diet can you tell me what is Buckwheat and is it Gluten free because there is so much contradicting advise on the net some say don't touch it and some say like yourself it is ok. And I am Indian my son likes to eat chappatis any ideas on what flours to mix we have used Glutafin white mix and mixed some buckwheat but it is still very chewy and very crispy when cold we are looking for something like a wholemeal pita bread type of taste and texture.



Re: buckwheat what is it: from on 2002-01-31

HTML>Buckwheat is the seed of a plant like rhubarb and is totally gluten-free. However it is not easy to digest, so don't eat in large amounts.

For chappatis use a mix of gram flour, rice flour and maize flour.


Re: buckwheat what is it: from on 2002-09-12

Information presented at the Chicago Il US CS society addressed this question some years ago. Buckwheat itself does not contain gluten. However, it is almost always grown in crop rotation with wheat. In such cases scattered seeds at harvest sprout amid the buckwheat and contaminate the final product. It is recommended that Celiacs avoid buckwheat