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buying GF products in crete: from Peter on 2007-03-14

A lot depends on where you are staying, and how much travelling around you plan to do. If you have a hire car and are close to Heraklion or Chania it is possible to get to a big supermarket, but otherwise you won't find specifically GF products in the shops.
So if you want GF bread and biscuits or cake, take that with you packed in your hold luggage, and in the original packaging.
I have not found it a problem eating out in Crete - but do make sure that someone in the restaurant speaks good English and understands the problem.
Self catering is straightforward as you can always cook rice or potato and a selection of fruit and vegetables are readily available.
I go out walking most days, and take a cold potato or rice salad for my lunch, with fruit and nuts and raisins.

Some airlines still serve meals - make sure you request a GF meal before the day of travel. (You won't always get it!)

have a good holiday

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