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Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from on 2004-05-02

br /> The easiest way would be to find a health food store to
purchase a pre-packaged gluten-free cake mix. Otherwise
you'll have to purchase many different flours to make a mix
plus buy xanthan gum(quite expensive) and other items you
would not normally have in your cupboard

Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from Peter on 2004-05-07

Look at https://www.peter-thomson.com/glutenfree/Gluten_free_Cakes_and_buns.html
and the following pages.



Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from on 2004-05-27

I am getting married in England In July...do you make gluten free wedding cakes to order????
Hopefully, Paula

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from on 2004-05-28


I'm sorry, I'm not the baker, I found a baker in Chicago that would make a FLOURLESS cake for me.

In England, I've heard its more popular to find gluten free or flourless cakes -

Good luck

Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from on 2004-09-27

I loathe the thought of packet mixes as they are always so processed. The following is a delicious cake and no-one realised at my son's birthday that it is gluten free. It is also quite a firm cake and therefore easy to carve if you wish to shape the cake into a novelty cake.

8 oz butter
8 oz caster sugar
8oz grated chocolate
4oz ground almonds
4 oz rice flour ( or plain flour if you don't need to be gluten free)
6 eggs (separated)

beat the butter and sugar to a cream and beat in the chocolate which has been gently melted. Add beaten egg yolks the flour and almonds. lastly fold in the whisked egg whited. Pour into a large round tin or two sandwich tins and bake in a moderate oven for 40 ish minutes or longer if in one tin.


Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from on 2004-11-08

I am too searching for a gluten-free cake. My aunt suggested that I make a "normal" wheat cake perhaps a slab cake or similar for our guests and that I make a cheesecake for myself and a few other guests that can not have gluten flour.
Her comment was that as long as it had no crust or a crust of rice cookies vs the normal crust that it would be a nice change. She has celiac disease & i am allergic to wheat plus there is at least one other guest that will be able to eat gluten free product as well.
And she also suggested to serve the cake later so its not a huge focal piece and that way the majority of guests won't really be that focused on the "event" of the cake. More that they just snack on it between dances & drinks.
Our wedding is June 4/05 in Nova scotia, small town & not very ethnic so finding an alternative baker will be justifiably difficult. That's why the cheesecake idea may actually work in my situation. Just a thought--good luck & please consider posting whatever you decide--I'd love to see what your solution was

Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from on 2004-11-29

Hi - Can you tell me what caster sugar is? Is it like our white ganulated sugar here in the US ? Do you use sweetened chocolate or baking choclate? Do you weigh your ingredients...or is 4 oz considered 1/2 cup?? Thanks for you help.
CAN YOU E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY?...as I found this cite by accident and am at the library not at home.
Thanks so much
Jane in NH....USA

Pancake day in England: from on 2005-02-09

Thanks so much for your pancake recipe. It was Shrove Tuesday in the UK yesterday and I managed to follow the recipe to the tee! My husband suffers from Coelaic Disease and has never had pancakes.. needless to say we were both tucking in with gusto!!

It's Valentines on Monday so I am going to bake him a scrummy cake!

Thanks again Peter

Re Find a recipe for an 4 year old birthday cake (homemade: from kuvaljeet on 2005-05-06

i wud like a recipe for an egg free cake thanks

Re Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homema: from Peter on 2005-05-06

An egg free recipe for a cake You could try making shortbread type biscuits with different flavours - chocolate add cocoa, ginger, cinnamon.
look at

Stick them together with an icing.


You can also add dried fruit such as sultanas or raisins into the mix.

This is a very rich sugar / butter mixture so a child should not be allowed to eat too much at one go