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Re Wedding Cake HELP: from Barbara Sealey on 2006-06-28


I noticed that you had all been discussing gluten free wedding cakes on this website. Although a little late (i.e 2 years down the line) that I have found your comments I thought I would just add a little note incase anybody searches for the same problem and finds this.

As a coeliac and dairy intolerant woman for the last 30 years I can make a gluten free and/or dairy free fruit cake for your wedding.

I live in the West Midlands in the U.K and would be able to drop it off within a 20-30 mile radius of Walsall.

If anybody is ever interested please feel free to contact me via email - handbaggirlie -at- aol.com - I can also make other cakes and party food (and I dont charge the earth, just understand how difficult it is to find this kind of food!!)

Kind Regards,


Re Wedding Cake HELP: from matthew on 2006-07-30

barbar please get intouch with me i casn be contacted on 01282 867729 my partners mum is coeliacs and were getting married next year oplease get back to me

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Denise on 2006-10-29

Hello, I am trying to organise Christmas baking. My husband was diagnosed a ceoliac earlier this year, although lots of things have had to change I would like to keep Christmas as normal as possible for him. I am going to follow the recipe for Heathers Christmas Cake. I was wondering if I bake the cake now, will it keep until Christmas as a cake made with normal flour would? Thanks and best wishes to all.

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Peter on 2006-10-29

Heather's Christmas Cake is a good keeping cake, so certainly bake it now for Christmas.

Incidentally, I have just been clearing out my store cupboard to make room for this seasons chutney, and found a Christmas pudding from last year at the back, still in excellent condition.

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from angela purdon on 2006-12-05

my friend has just been diagnosed with celiacs, and has always loved my xmas cake. She was very upset about not being able to have one this year so i thought if i found a recipe i could suprise her.


Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from michael dalton on 2007-02-06

My daughter is getting married in June, she is "gluten free", any updated, we live in London

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Ruth on 2007-04-01

My brother is getting married to a wonderful girl in Nov. 2007...anyone know any gluten free wedding cake makers in the So Cal/Orange County area??

Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from laraine phillips on 2007-04-04

i am looking for a recipe for a gluten free cake.....its for a birthday cake....would you be able to help?

many thanks.

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Tara on 2007-04-21

The plan for my wedding in June... I'm working with Polly's Cakes to create a safe solution for me. The main cake will be 'normal' but will be cut and frosted to look as if a piece of the cake has been cut out. Then my gluten cake will be cut and frosted to look as if it's that piece. My cake never touches the other cake, but it still fits in - I don't have to be the weird one who has a special cake (I don't know why that idea bothered me so much, but I've found celiac really brings out the neurosis in me). Polly's Cakes does mail order, so this could be an option for anyone. www.pollyscakes.com

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