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Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Tony FoodsforLife on 2007-05-07

Zedz foods make the most incredible fruitcake gluten free, dairy free and egg free but delicious in it's own right beats most cakes I've tasted.



Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Josiejo on 2007-06-18

I am allergic to dairy, wheat, chocolate, potato (so no potato flour to replace the wheat) and can't stand dried fruit. I am getting married next year and for once in my life, everybody else is going to have to eat what I am eating rather than me have to have something which has half the ingredients missing! Planning the rest of the menu is fine, but I am really struggling with finding a cake. We are getting married in Scotland, on a tight budget, but as I live in London I can't make the cake myself as I won't be able to transport it...

Any ideas???

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Natalie on 2007-06-19

What a shame your wedding isn't in London. I run a small business from Primrose Hill making numerous cakes including 3 Wheat Free Cakes, I even got a Great Taste Award for my Wheat Free Chocolate Cake! I would love to have been able to help you. Shame. Hope you find someone.

If you ever need a cake for a dinner party or tea party, please contact me. natalie -at- sweetthings.biz

Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from ALY on 2007-07-28

please, what is caster sugar?? thanks!!

Re: Find a recipe for an eight year old birthday cake (homem: from Peter on 2007-07-28

Caster sugar is fine grained white sugar - small grain size so it will go through a sifter.
Known as superfine sugar in the US

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Mo on 2007-08-07

I'm getting married next fall, and I live in Montreal. I was thinking of having an "opera" cake which is a gluten-free, very dense cake. However, I love baking and i am quite skilled at it. I was thinking of making my own gf-cake, are there any tips anyone can give me on making a GF-wedding cake.


RE: novelty chocolate cake: from on 2007-10-19

do you know of any other GF recipes like Carrot Cake or Lemon Cake that will make a firm enough cake to shape into a novelty cake? I've made GF cakes before and they are prone to crumble.

Can ANYbody help? its urgent, need recipe for tomorrow.

RE: novelty chocolate cake: from Peter on 2007-10-19

The following are firm cakes for me:




Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Dominic on 2007-10-30

Yes, this all sounds fantastic, but just exactly where can I find the recipe?..Or am I just being stupid

Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Peter on 2007-10-30

The complete text of the cookery book is on the link Gluten-free Cookery at the top left of this page.

Heathers recipe is at the following link: