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Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Mr Dominic Paul John Adams on 2007-10-30

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Heathers Christmas Cake Recipe: from Eleanor on 2007-11-02


am all new to this so bear with me... can anybody tell me if it is a proven fact that eating a gluten-free diet improves the symptoms of IBS and where I can obtain any dietry info.


Cake: from mungo bisset on 2008-02-19

I'm finding it difficult to understand the optional dry ingredients to self-raising flour. Can you specify the quantities of ground almonds and rice flour or cornflour.


Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from nicole on 2008-03-29

hello, i came across your blog researching for gluten free wedding cakes in Mijas, Spain. we live in the U.S. but are having the ceremony in Spain. my fiancee has a gluten allergy but our guests do not so was wondering if you have any recommendations for that region

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from BLUE LOTUS on 2008-04-06

For anyone based in the UK, Blue Lotus also make delicious regal iced wheat and gluten free wedding cakes, there are 6 lovely flavours to choose from and 3 different sizes so they can be tiered. We can decorate the cakes with sugar paste hearts / daises or we can leave them undecorated for the cakes to be customised at home with perhaps flowers to match the bouquet and ribbons around the base. We also cater for other special diets too - dairy free, egg free and soya free. We are a mail order cake company and so our carefully packaged cakes can be delivered to any destination in the UK. We hope this helps anyone reading this thread

Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Marion on 2008-05-14


I'm coeliac & I bake glutenfree cakes, I made my friends wedding cake - 4 tiers. I live in London & bake at home. Can garantuee beautiful decorations. Let me know if you are interested & what exactly your requirements are, then I can send you photos & list of ingredients of all recipes as well as would bake, decorate &package for you to be able to transport. Also willing to lend stand if brought back again.


Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Eugenie on 2008-10-28

I am getting married in April 2009 in Montreal Canada and am having a difficult time finding a bakery who can make a special order cake suited to my needs.. I am celiac as well as allergic to cane sugar. I do well with other natural sweetners(fructose, maple syrup, stevia, agave syrup, honey.). Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

Thank You

Re: Wedding Cake HELP FAO Marion: from Karen on 2009-01-26


Are you still available for wedding cakes in London?

I have been searching all over but can't seen to find anyone to help. Not only do I need a gluten free cake, some of the family are also allergic to nuts as well!

Please let me know if you can help, it would be for August this year.


Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Nancy Lapid on 2009-06-10

On my website I have an extensive list of bakers in the US, Canada and the UK who provide gluten-free wedding cakes. I hope this list will be helpful to you. If you know of any companies that provide gluten-free wedding cakes but are not on my list, I'll be glad to add them.

Here is the URL:



Re: Wedding Cake HELP: from Julia on 2009-07-18

I follow a gluten free diet and also make gluten free cakes in the London area. I can make gluten free and nut free cakes. If you need any help let me know with your wedding cakes let me know. All the best