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Can blood tests be wrong: from mandy on 2009-01-11

im going through the same thing, my blood tests are coming back negative however the difference now im wheat free is amazing, .

the hospital are carrying on looking into it, however as far as im concerned i will eat wheat free forever now - personal choice.

no more tummy aches, no more desperate dashes to the loo.....

my hands only swell and the blisters only appear whan ive made a mistake....

im no longer tired 24hrs aday....

and the weight is dropping off me weekly....

Im lucky, i can still eat barley, oats and durham wheat, so im just looking on the bright side, that im not full blown ceoliac disease, my heart goes out to the people who are.

It is hard work when im out, cant just pop for a sandwich or pasty, but I guess thats why im losing weight and feeling 100\% better, having to think about what im eating.

my only peice of advice is - if you feel better go with it.

Your body is talking to you and you know when you dont feel well, it doesnt really matter what the doctors say.

They think ive got some skin disorder which is in the ceoliac family. But whatever the result........ im never eating wheat again, its obvious my body doenst want it, so thats that.

Good luck everyone


Can blood tests be wrong: from Debra Atkins on 2009-08-31

hi there

just read your question and my advice would be to have the blood test again and make sure for the week before that you load up on gluten and wheat products, as without these in your system the blood test doesnt show up any antibodies fighting gluten or wheat.

i suffered for over ten years wirth infection after infection and constant illness, i was mis- diagnosed so many times, when i finally read an article on coeliac and ticked off all the symptoms, i returned to my gp who did the simple blood test. it came back borderline and did not show negative or positive! i then went for a biopsy and the consultant knew straight away that i had coeliac just by looking at my bowel through the camera. so my feeling is that not all blood tests are correct as a borderline result, i could easily have been left to get more and more ill.

now i am fit and have gained weight and even though i take longer to fight infections, i am rarely ill. the tiredness could also be anaemia, i have both pernicious anemia and standard anemia but with regular b12 injections and iron .

tablets i remain well.