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Cd and Neurological Part 2: from on 2002-05-24

Sorry about that, I got long winded and ran out of space. Here's my question: Does anyone out there have neurological ( or Had) ? There is no history of Spinocerebellar Ataxia in my family. My mother presented with the "classical " symptoms, i.e., Diarrhea, etc. I do not have any digestive trouble. Any Information would be helpful. We in the U.S. are going into a long holiday weekend, and already all the doctors are unavailable until Teusday. Thank You, Chris

Re: Cd and Neurological Part 2: from Peter on 2002-05-30


The celiac condition is a well known cause of a wide variety of neurological problems, including blindness.

The nervous system is particularly prone to dammage from gluten in the diet, but symptoms normally improve on a gluten-free diet.

However there are many other causes of neurological conditions.

and Yes, the celiac condition is inherited, but is multifactorial, so is not easy to track, but relatives of a celiac show a higher proportion of the condition than the general population.

If there are instances of celiac in your family then you should suggest to your doctor the possibility of a gluten related cause for your problem

Re: Cd and Neurological Part 2: from on 2002-06-04

Dear Peter, Thank you for your response. I have since learned that a connection has been been made between "idiopathic" Spinocerebellar Ataxia and gluten sensitivity. Several, actually, more than 100, articles have been published in scientific journals, primarily in Europe. An editorial in the British Medical Journal , June 26, 1999 (page 1710) is very interesting. It can be viewed by going to : https:/www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/318/7200
In addition, The National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) in the U.S., which is the government funded medical research facility, is currently conducting a study of the effect of a Gluten Free Diet on non-genetically caused Spinocerebellar Ataxia !
I have already been in touch with them, and am registered to participate. This should begin in July.
I NEVER was told by my mother that celiac was familial. She was diagnosed in 1986. I was able to walk back then. If I had known, and been screened then, I would be walking now. This hurts. Please spread the word in the U.K. that "diarrhea " is not the only consequence of gluten sensitivity.
With best regards, Christine Schwab

Re: Cd and Neurological Part 2: from on 2002-11-17

There is something called "gluten ataxia," which you can read about if you type those words into a search engine. I have Celiac, and I'm sure an uncle -- who was never diagnosed -- did, too. He had a horrible, blistering skin rash (which I believe was probably DH), numerous G.I. symptoms, and ataxia (in his case, "foot drop.")

I think you should get the blood tests for gluten sensitivity, but first read about gluten ataxia. As I recall, some of the blood tests are better at spotting the form of gluten sensitivity that attacks the intestines; and some are better at spotting the other types of "gluten sensitivity syndrome" -- such as gluten ataxia.I remember seeing a discussion of these tests in the articles about gluten ataxia.

Good luck

Re Cd and Neurological Part 2: from janice cohen on 2006-08-14

Iwas told I have spinocerebellar ataxia, my sister was a celiac baby. should I go on a gluten free diet?

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