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celiac desease: from brenda brooks on 2006-04-05

i have just returned from the hospital this morning and been told i have celiac disease, i have to see a dietitian for a gluten free diet but i dont know how long i will have to wait for an appointment,
could anyone suggest a good book that will tell me what i can and cant eat.
many thanks

celiac desease: from Peter on 2006-04-05

Gluten-free Cookery by Peter Thomson provides a lot of useful information.
See the link to Amazon, on the left of this page.


celiac desease: from sonny on 2006-05-18

can anybody tell me of a GF gravy or gravy browning.

celiac desease: from Peter on 2006-05-18

I use a little plain cornflour mixed with juices left in the roasting pan or from cooking vegetables to make gravy.
Mix the cornflour with a little cold water before adding to the roasting pan.
use a wooden spatula to scrape the pan while cooking over a low heat. This will usually give a good colour to the gravy as well as a good flavour.

celiac desease: from jakki browne on 2006-05-18

Does anyone know where i can buy a testing kit for celiac?

celiac desease: from Peter on 2006-05-18

Anyone with sufficient symptoms to cause a reasonable suspicion can get free tests done by their GP in the UK.

These tests are not 100\%, they may show negative but you still react to gluten.
If the test is positive then you should definitely avoid gluten.

I don't know of any reliable test kits that you can buy.

celiac desease: from janice hamshaw on 2006-06-26

i alway's use bisto best the one in the glass jar for my gravy, it also does for all the family

celiac desease: from cheryl katten on 2006-08-04

can you have a gluten intolerance and not have celiac disease?

celiac desease: from Peter on 2006-08-04

Celiac or Coeliac disease is sometimes defined as the condition where the villi in the small intestine are damaged by the gluten - often to the point where a flat mucosa is observed in biopsy. This is because it used to be the only obvious symptom that could be easily measured.
More recent methods have shown that the syndrome of damage that can be caused by gluten in food is very variable, and won't always cause a flat intestinal mucosa.

Some doctors will stick to the strict traditional version, and only call the condition coeliac if a biopsy shows damage. Others call it coeliac if any syndrome of damage is produced by the gluten.
The difference between gluten intolerance and celiac is very much a matter of definition. The treatment is the same - completely avoid gluten in the diet.

celiac desease: from on 2006-11-18

Is Teff grain safe for celiacs?