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celiac desease: from Peter on 2006-11-18

Teff is safe - see the thread on Teff

celiac desease: from on 2006-11-18

Is Teff grain safe for celiacs?

celiac desease: from Peter on 2006-11-18

Teff is safe - see the thread on Teff

celiac desease: from Katie on 2007-04-13

I have coeliac disease i was diagnosed with it when i was 6 month old some reason i'm a bit small from my friends why is that.

celiac desease: from Peter on 2007-04-13

Katie, you don't say how old your are now.
If you look round a group of people you will see all different sizes.
If you look at a group of children all the same age you will see an even bigger range of sizes. We all grow at different rates and end up different sizes. Size doesn't mean anything.

celiac desease: from ani on 2007-04-19

My 19 year old daughter has been treated for IBS and is still no better some 4 months on. She has had the usual IBS pills and is still in pain.

When she eats she has chronic stabbing pains on both sides and in her lower abdomen. We have noticed that when she eats bread, pizza, noodles and pastry that the pain is much worse. She suffers from terrible wind and swollen abdomen, retching and is tired and listless all the time too. Do any of you think that these symptoms sound like celiac desease?

I would be grateful for your opinion as she is getting depressed because this is making her live a misery.

thank you so much, Ani x

celiac desease: from Peter on 2007-04-19

The symptoms that you describe are all typical of the coeliac condition - but note that there are other possible causes.

Even the depression is regarded as a symptom that is part of the overall picture.
You need to go back to your doctor and alert him to your observation that the pain is much worse after eating foods that contain gluten.
If you have any relatives who suffer from the coeliac condition, then this greatly increases the possibility that this is the cause of your daughter's problems.

Note that you daughter should not try a gluten-free diet until the tests have been carried out, as this can prevent the tests from working.

celiac desease: from tracy on 2007-06-09

hi I am35 and ceoliac all my life i have been on and off my diet ever since .In the last three years i have been breaking out in a rash and i know it is something to do with my diet. I t frightened me alot so im on a strict diet but i still break out.Ihave two questions hoe long does it take for me to stop breaking out and i enjoy a few drinks ,now i drink cider and wine can im wondering if i can drink anything else and does drink do more damage to ceoliacs than it would to someone that isnt ceoliac.

celiac desease: from janice on 2008-08-09

Hi Tracy, you can drink any spiit when you have CD it was one of the questions that i asked lol. i think it might do more dammage in the way that we probably get drunk quicker cos we hav'nt got the stuff in our abdomen to soak it up as much

celiac desease: from Ady on 2008-09-17

Alas as of September 2008 Bisto Best is no longer gluten free. To contact the manufacturer and 'encourage' them to change this call Premier Foods Careline on: 0800 234 6328

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