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celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from on 2002-05-22

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and was found to have celiac sprue as well. It is hard for me to figure out which condition my symptoms are from. Apparently there is an association between these two diseases. Does anyone else out there suffer from both of these diseases

Re: celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from Peter on 2002-05-22

It is quite common to be diagnosed first with ulcerative colitis - as this is simply saying you have got these fairly obvious symptoms. It is not a diagnosis that gives you the cause of the condition.

The diagnosis of celiac sprue is telling you the probable cause of your symptoms, and hopefully the symptoms of ulcerative collitis will slowly dissapear on a gluten-free diet. Note that in some cases it will take months before the ulcerative condition is properly healed.

It may help to ensure that you eat plenty of soft fibre in your diet, such as brown rice, fruit, potatoes boiled in their skins.
Not hard fibre such as soya fibre

Re: celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from on 2004-03-23

I have just been diganosed with celiac sprue. One thing I have read about is that Maker's Mark Bourbon is supposed to be tolerated by those with sprue. Do you have any info on that.

Thank you for your time.

Mike Graham

Re celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from Gregory O'Leary on 2006-05-02

I am seeking a specialist at UCSF who handles patients with Celiac Sprue. Can you direct me to someone. 209 639-2908 or e-mail. Thank you.

Re: celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from sara on 2007-01-19

I was disgnosed as Ulcerative colitis ,but incidently had tTG IgG +ve above 150U

but IgA -ve,

does that mean that I have celiac disease also or only ulcerative colitis?

thanks alot

Re: celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from Peter on 2007-01-19

A high IgG level suggests that your gut is leaking gluten, but this can be the result of a number of intestinal problems.
Low IgA suggests that this is not the specific condition known as celiac disease, but it doesn't rule it out. About 3\% of those with the celiac conditon are deficient in IgA.

The diagnostic figures (150U) are specific to the lab that carries out the test, as variations in the way the test is carried out can affect the reading. The lab usually sets the significant level.

celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from julie scott on 2010-08-23


After months of suffering with a poorly tummy i was eventually diagnosed with celiac disease. However, even after following a strict gluten free diet i was still suffering and so was reffered for a endoscopy & colonoscopy.

Since i have had these i am now under a gastroentologist as it was found i have ulcerative colitis as well. I am now on medication for life as well as trying to manage the celiac!

i am getting there put sometimes am not sure which conditions the sypmtoms are caused by!

Hope you get sorted,