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Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-03-18


Has anyone ever heard of the theory that Persons diagnosed with Celiac Sprue have low immune systems as apposed to "normal" folk.

I was told in the very beginning when I was diagnosed that a low imune system comes with the side affects of being celiac.

Can anyone confirm they have hear this same thing. I'm always afraid of going to the hopsital and visiting family when they are there because I'm believing that I have a low immune system due to being celiac.

I am having my doctor do a test to measure my immune system, but in the meantime can anyone add any other info?


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from Peter on 2002-03-23

I have seen the opposite suggested - that the coeliac condition may be related to a more active imune system.
However I have the flu jabs and other vaccinations offered to coeliacs.


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-04-05


Yes, as I have heard and read a lot on it that it does apply
that celiacs do have lower ammune systems - I believe it's
more so if you're not taking care of yourself, as I had experienced before I was diagnosed. My doctor was great,
so I always had check ups and a flu shot. Anemia also goes
along with our disease.

Well good luck and keep to the diet - gluten-free - !
Places like this are an excellent outlet.


Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-04-16

well my daughter was given her mmr before we knew about the coeliacs and she reacted really badly because her immune system was very low so i believe that it is true

celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from on 2002-05-22

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and was found to have celiac sprue as well. It is hard for me to figure out which condition my symptoms are from. Apparently there is an association between these two diseases. Does anyone else out there suffer from both of these diseases

Re: celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from Peter on 2002-05-22

It is quite common to be diagnosed first with ulcerative colitis - as this is simply saying you have got these fairly obvious symptoms. It is not a diagnosis that gives you the cause of the condition.

The diagnosis of celiac sprue is telling you the probable cause of your symptoms, and hopefully the symptoms of ulcerative collitis will slowly dissapear on a gluten-free diet. Note that in some cases it will take months before the ulcerative condition is properly healed.

It may help to ensure that you eat plenty of soft fibre in your diet, such as brown rice, fruit, potatoes boiled in their skins.
Not hard fibre such as soya fibre

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-05-28

Janet is right and wrong really!

There are some abnormalities in the immune system and for that reason I think it probably is a good idea to have an annual flu jab, and a single pneumococcal vaccine. (Don't have a second because there is a high incidence of local reaction if you do)

However, the real danger of coeliac disease is we all get too worked up about it and alter the way we live our lives, which there is no reason to do (apart from when we're eating, which is a pretty small percentage of our lives). There is certainly no reason not to visit sick people because you have coeliac disease.

(Just as well as as a GP my whole working life is spent being coughed on)

Regarding the MMR point, it is pretty rare for anyone to be diagnosed under 12 months (when the MMR is given in the UK) so the vast majority of children will have had the injection before they are diagnosed. There is no link between a reaction to this injection and coeliac disease and parents of coeliac children should be reassured they can have their routine jabs as normal


Anti-tTG blood test shows 1 in 80 celiac in population: from Peter on 2002-07-08

The largest investigation into the prevalence of undiagnosed celiac condition in the general population is taking place in Europe with 4 million euros of EC funding.

So far over 18000 blood samples have been tested and the results suggest that 1 in every 80 people may show some adverse reaction to gluten, and so benefit from a gluten-free diet.
This figure is very much greater than the number at present medically diagnosed, so there are a lot of people out there suffering unnecessarily from the effects of gluten in their diet.

Coeliac EU Cluster Scientific Programme.


Re: Anti-tTG blood test shows 1 in 80 celiac in population: from on 2002-08-19

Do you have any more details of the study - where did you find the information. I couldn't find any results. Thanks

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from on 2002-09-01

Befor I was diagnosed with celiac I was told I have a autoamune disease,(of unknown oragen), that was attacking my joints tendons and ligaments. So it is my personal beleaf that yes it does go along with celiac or vice/versa