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Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from Marie on 2007-05-02

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance about 18 months ago (IgA test though, was negative), based on abdominal pains, and susequent elimination diet. Now, in the past three months, I have developed angioedema around my mouth. It waxes and wanes, is VERY painful - burning sensation, does not seem to be associated with anything I eat, and each symptoms worsen with each episode. This rash is also refractive to antihistamines, as well as both topical and oral steroids. I am very careful to avoid gluten, however, as you know, this is sometimes difficult to avoid, knowingly, completely. The rash is striclty angioedemitis, and does not blister. My question, then, is, could this be DH? I have been to an allergist, which had no resolve, and virtually negative allergy testing. The angioedema is so painful it is almost intolerable so I am seeking all the information that I can to find a resolve. I would appreciate any input you could offer.

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from maria on 2007-05-14

I was wondering why i get ill all the time. I seemed to get sick every couple of weeks.If anyone is sick or has a bug and im near them i always get it and worse. Is there anything i can do or take to prevent this?

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from gordon on 2007-06-09

GOOD NEWS !!!! .....there is a new DAPSON GEL available now that works well. I have just started on it and it seems to be working well for DH. It gets dapsone right to the problem area will little systemic damage. It's safe and effective. It's worth a try if you have DH and don't want to keep taking dapsone internally,

celiac desease: from tracy on 2007-06-09

hi I am35 and ceoliac all my life i have been on and off my diet ever since .In the last three years i have been breaking out in a rash and i know it is something to do with my diet. I t frightened me alot so im on a strict diet but i still break out.Ihave two questions hoe long does it take for me to stop breaking out and i enjoy a few drinks ,now i drink cider and wine can im wondering if i can drink anything else and does drink do more damage to ceoliacs than it would to someone that isnt ceoliac.

Celiac disease and polycystic ovary syndrome: from s) Kuscu NK ; Akcali S ; Kucukmetin NT
Affiliation D on 2007-06-16

Thanks for that posting. It may well help others with the same problem.

There is a medical paper that discusses the link between Celiac disease and polycystic ovary syndrome.

2002 Nov; 79(2): 149-50
Additional Info: Ireland
Standard No: ISSN: 0020-7292 (Print); NLM Unique Journal Identifier: 0210174
Language: English

celiac: from Lyndsey on 2007-06-21

Ive had a week without pasta which is very rare (but loads of bread) and gut problems have gone away completely but as soon as had pasta again been in loads of pain and gut problems back. If this is celiac it means I dont have a problem with bread as is not gluten-free the type I eat, is it possible to have celiac with just certain types of gluten?


Celiac disease and polycystic ovary syndrome: from Jessica on 2007-07-12

I have been doing some research, because I am both a celiac and have PCOS... I believe they ARE related and am finding multiple sources that mention the two without actually saying they are reated... but like you, I don't see how they aren't.

Veg-Celiac: from Heather on 2007-11-18

I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac, What about natural flavorings, soy protein, hydrolized plant proteins? I'm very confused about what to eat. I am very active and need to eat more than veggies & fruit. I really enjoy Boca Chicken Patties but they include gluten. Can I eat Tofu

Veg-Celiac: from Peter on 2007-11-18

A significant number of those who cannot eat gluten also find that they cannot eat soy and tofu, so do keep this in mind. Soy and tofu are a good source of protein made from the soy bean which is gluten free.

Hydrolized vegetable proteins could be made from any plant source so is best avoided.
Natural flavourings can include malt which should be avoided.

Cheese and dairy products, and oils like corn oil(maize) or olive oil all provide added energy in the diet

Celiac disease and polycystic ovary syndrome: from amz on 2008-01-04

It's interesting. I never knew of the possibility of a link between PCOS and celiac. I was diagonosed with PCOS during my early teens and have only recently been diagnosed with Celiac 2 months ago. I'm back to see the GI in mid Jan but this has never been discused. What research have you found