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Celiac disease and polycystic ovary syndrome: from taz on 2009-06-25

I have been searching also for links between gluten/ wheat intolerances and pcos, I was diagnosed with PCOS last year, I have multiple cysts am 24 yrs old, I have not yet been diagnosed gluten intolerant, I always feel bloated and constipated, my insulin levels are normal. I was sure there was something else going on and searched my symptoms and found gluten intolerance. have started experimenting with cutting out gluten and wheat, it is already making a difference and I am wondering if a gluten intolerance could have caused my pcos since I have never suffered pcos symptoms before last year but have had gluten sensitivity symptoms my whole life. I'm not a doctor, but doesn't it make sense? if your body is having a reaction to something every day it's going to throw your hormones out of balance which in turn results in pcos for some of us?? thoughts

Re: can celiacs eat whey powder: from barb on 2009-08-29

Whey is the liquid that remains from milk when the curds are separated. It can be processed/dried which produces the whey powder. It is gluten free. It does contain the casein protein from the milk and should be avoided if trying to maintain a gluten free/casein free diet

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from Clare on 2009-09-14

In reply to everyone, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease when I was 11 months old, and am now 41.

I am generally well, I am anaemic - have stiff and sore joints - have bad or no circulation and my immune system has been tested and shown that it is a bit weak -

It must be worse being diagnosed after you have been able to eat what you like for years, so in a way I reckon Ive been lucky diagnosed so young.

But dont give up hope, it will get better - look on Coeliac Disease NOT SO MUCH A DISEASE BUT MORE A WAY OF LIFE.

Veg-Celiac: from Joy Moore on 2009-09-15

I was diagnosed around 6 years ago and still struggle with aspects of the diet. With a husband who eats normally and the kitchen virtually divided into half, I still find that I get symptom. I also find that I spend so much time preparing my husband's meals that I cannot be bothered to take care of my own and end up eating anything lying around.

Has anyone got any quick, easy, gluten-free recipes that we can both have?

I would be grateful for any ideas.

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from sharon stoker on 2009-09-22

I have dianosed myself as dh some years ago without the support of my doctor. The rash has cleared just days after following a gluten free diet and manage to lose some wieght, but what i would like to know is why do i sometimes have a relapse when i eat some of the glutenfree products on sale

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from Peter on 2009-09-22

In the UK it is legal to sell products as gluten-free which use wheat flour processed to remove the gluten. Very small traces remain and some people react to this, or to other proteins from the wheat.
Try and avoid any products which contain this starch

Re DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2009-10-07

yes it can be, i had my DH only 3-5 times in the last 20 years, every break out was about 3-5 month. numerous doctor visit, said it was psoriasis, eczema, washing powder allergy...etc steroids, anti-biotics and anti-histamins after my skin cleared up.

last out break about two month ago dermatologist offered hystology, now they know it was DH. no more itchy night for me, the blisters disappered in 2 days iam on gluten free diet, feeling 60 percent better still recovering after such long time i guess. it took them 20 years to find what was the problem....

I dont belive there is any skin problem without problems inside, but doctors know eczema and psoriasis, steroid cream good for most of it, and they dont want look behind the scene....

good luck with your husband, hope you can figuer this problem out sooner than i did

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from anita on 2009-10-07

i confermed dh with hystology test, and i had it on eyelid, face and neck, it took them about 20 years to figure it out blood test was negative.

try the full gluten free diet my dh disapered in two days

Re: Immune System and Celiac: from etrtr on 2010-03-24

so is it true that i have to have a flu jab because i am a celiac. however i am only 11 years old