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Re DH as a celiac symptom: from thinx2much on 2010-08-08

Yeah, this sounds exactly like me. no gluten, citrus, chlorine, etc. drink mineral water and organic oils. however i can't eat flax at all (TERRIBLE migraines). it's so hard to go through this life with these stupid limitations. took me 20 years to figure out

celiac sprue and ulcerative colitis: from julie scott on 2010-08-23


After months of suffering with a poorly tummy i was eventually diagnosed with celiac disease. However, even after following a strict gluten free diet i was still suffering and so was reffered for a endoscopy & colonoscopy.

Since i have had these i am now under a gastroentologist as it was found i have ulcerative colitis as well. I am now on medication for life as well as trying to manage the celiac!

i am getting there put sometimes am not sure which conditions the sypmtoms are caused by!

Hope you get sorted,


Cream for Celiacs: from Gillian Moulton on 2011-08-10

My daughter-in-law is coming to stay and she is a Celiac. I am making a Lasana with Gluten free Pasta, can I put cream into the lasana.

Kind regards

Mrs Moulton

Cream for Celiacs: from Peter on 2011-08-10

Cream and milk are both gluten-free, so you can use them.
Enjoy your meal

Re: can celiacs eat whey powder: from Sandra King on 2011-12-10

If you think about cottage cheese, the liquid is the whey and the chunks are the curds. In other words, It is a milk product not a wheat or grain

Re: Gluten sensitivity without celiacs disease: from kelly on 2012-04-13

I just read your post (I do not even know how long ago you posted) but I am curious to know if you found answers to your questions as my situation seems very similar? I am just starting to try to figure out what has been going on. I recently tried a gluten-free diet (mostly - I'm not being 100\% strict in terms of food that may have trace amounts of gluten). I also recently realized that my small finger joint is swollen and an internet search pointed to grout. I am looking for a doctor like you said, who can look at a variety of symptoms and figure out both possible causes and relationships between various issues. I have no idea what type of doctor to even look for?! Any advice would be appreciated

Re: UNDERWEIGHT Celiac: from Gail Mollencopf on 2012-05-22

After 20 years of complaining I was finally Dx with Celiac, under weight, under nourished, severe joint & muscle pain, High Blood Pressure, Low Thyroid & a complete basket case. 17 months now, gained some weight now losing again.Watch every thing I eat, must be nutritious to get health back. Make my own nut milk, my own almond flour, cheese, etc. So how does one gain weight when eating healthy on this gluten free diet/ No dairy or corn here. Thanks

Re: UNDERWEIGHT Celiac: from Peter on 2012-05-22

Energy to do things and fitness is far more important than weight. The general population tends to be overweight - and can give a false idea of what your weight should be.
Eat as wide a variety of gluten-free foods as you can, not the same thing every day.
If you feel you should be eating more, eat rice, potato, sweet potato