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Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-04-24

br /> Oral tolerance has not be much mentioned by researchers
due to failures.

My group which funded the research has had
success which is why I'm posting this article

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-04-24

br /> Correction:

I meant Oral tolerance trials on celiac cases has not be much mentioned by researchers
due to failures.

Please do not make negative conclusions just because
others were unsuccessful

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from David on 2004-04-27

I think before any individual should consider a new therapeutic treatment for a disorder, that they should be sure to protect their own interests first--namely, their health and their wallet. Oral tolerance has not been successfully used in humans to cure celiac disease, PERIOD. Perhaps the individual making these claims here at this forum would like to share documented proof in a peer-reviewed journal of his successes with oral tolerance "curing" celiac disease. There are many researchers still working out the mechanisms of how celiac disease causes pathology, and working on an alternative cure for the disorder other than a gluten-free diet. And I applaud these efforts, as these scientists welcome peer review, critical input, and--MOST IMPORTANTLY-open scrutiny of their specific techniques and research, which they willingly share. Any person claiming to have a cure, but hiding their credentials, where they are located, where their company is located, and claiming to be the "only one" who possesses something that can cure your disorder, is sadly likely to be someone who is looking to make a quick buck off of your misfortune.
And that isn't medicine or science, it's quackery

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-04-27

br /> Homeopathy/Oral tolerance fixes celiac

Homeopathy has been used for centuries to alleviate
and even fix a number of ailments.
Homeopathic formulations covers all matter - inorganic and organic.

Homeopathy includes the studies of Isopathy, Nosodes
and Sarcodes. These were the fields where I
made my formulations.

In Isopathy, one uses formula preparations from
what causes the disease (virus, germs, bacteria).
Nosode formulas are from affected parts of illness
while Sarcodes are from organs or tissue
for example preparations using cartilage.

The most popular homeopathic formulas and which most
people are familiar with are those that are diluted
many times.
However, my success formulas started with mother
tinctures, which I continue to use.

Now, lately I came upon the topic on "Oral Tolerance",
I realize it has all the factors that make up
mother tincture sarcodes and nosodes.

I am saying that my formulas are both homeopathic solutions and oral tolerance.

If you say that mainstream medicine research has
failed in celiac tests, speak for yourself and
other reseqrch but don't speak
for homeopathic /oral tolerance.
Respect the fact that exact formulas
may differ

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from David on 2004-04-30

Okay, so if your formula works just provide evidence and the full name, address, and location of your company and store front to purchase your product & proof that you have filed your medical claim of being able to cure a medical illness with your product with the FDA. Otherwise, admit you are just out to make money for yourself

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-04-30

br /> The tests are not over yet.
There are no sales yet. But because there are
positive results , I am posting this article.

I'll get to the steps one at a time.

However, if you want proof.
You're a celiac, why don't I give you a sample
of the solution

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from David on 2004-05-03

Okay, I can buy into your wish of goodwill to help those members of society with celiac sprue, as I would hope there are some persons out there who do possess true altruism. You speak of having people who have been cured using your method, why not have share their names and experiences here in the forum? Or simply there previous testing showing them to be positively proven to be celiac sufferers by diagnostic testing (ie intestinal biopsies), and then new results showing them to have no damage after your oral tolerance.
Please remember that it is vital that celiacs be very skeptical of supposed cures, as continuing to consume gluten in a celiac patient, even if it is not causing symptoms, has been linked to higher rates of gastrointestinal malignancy (yes that is cancer, folks) and lymphoma (yes, another form of cancer). To simply try "cures" without proof, is to ask another human being to risk their life on your word, which is a great deal to ask of someone on faith alone, especially when one does not know who you are, how to find you, or what your motives are.
Fair enough

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-05-03

br /> I live at 3704 Venables St.
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5C 2Y8

Tel. (604) 2997940

I cannot give out names of folks who are receiving the formula.
Also, these have not given permission to give any information
out to anyone and I have to respect our agreement.

As I mentioned, oral tolerance is safe.
The formula is a peptide and the system acts towards it
just like it is food - and peptides are segments of protein
which is food.
Also homeopathic preparations are also safe otherwise
folks will beware of them.

Oral tolerance has been researched to lower Immunoglobin G
which is truly high in celiac folks.
That is what the formula is for. Once Ig G to gluten
goes down, then there should be no reaction.

It's not easy tosatisfy what you are asking.
I'll tell you what, there may be one or two who
want to do a blood test for Ig G to gluten after
the test. When that happens, I'll see if they will
agree to communicate with you directly.
This will have to be when the test is finished

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from David on 2004-05-05

I must admit I would be very interested in blood testing results in these patients who have responded to the oral tolerance therapy, and would gladly communicate with them directly. I would hope they might consider even sharing their identities and experience in this forum, as others may stumbly upon this forum, and if the therapy works, discover a method that may cure them of celiac disease. They might also discover someone willing to discuss their experiences they have already had with oral tolerance.
When is your testing going to be complete, and when might we expect the published results to be available in a medical journal?
It should be interesting to see how this therapy works, as it has been demonstrated that celiac sprue is a complex immune-mediated disease, which works through tissue-transglutaminase and T-cell, NK cell, and also B-lymphocyte and antibody activity, and not through just IgG, IgA, IgM alone.....especially since some celiac sufferers are completely IgA deficient as far as antibodies go.
Would love to hear exactly what antigenic determinants are used in your formula for oral tolerance, and what they are derived from specifically, but I am guessing I will have to wait for your publication. Dr. Chaitin Khosla at Stanford University in the U.S. is doing some very strong preliminary work in moving ahead with several angles on providing an effective therapy for celiac disease which may permit ingestion of dietary gluten. These efforts include development of an agent that might bind tissue transglutaminase in the bowel, and also of a possible oral enzyme therapy with an acid-stable bacterial peptidase to cleave gliadin into non-toxic fragments upon ingestion. Exciting stuff all around, and especially since the Italians and Australians are continuing to work on tolerance induction through nasal preparations and possible vaccines.
Here is to hoping that all celiac sufferers will soon see the most amazing thing we could hope for this disease--a cure

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-05-05

br /> I believe the tests to finish within 2 to 3 months, this is an estimate.

I cannot exactly reveal the formula since that would remove
the edge over other research on similar mechanisms.
However, the peptide I use resembles the gliadin of gluten.
It has some differences but enough similarities to be recognized
by a T cell. Oral tolerance generates new cell - suppressor T cells
specific to gliadin. In fact the only requirement to generate
this type of cell is that the formula -peptide be accepted by
a T cell.

You mentioned - tolerance induction through nasal preparations - this
falls under oral tolerance because it works in the same principle
as oral tolerance.

I have to state that I started this project as alternative medicine.
Homeopathy is alternative medicine and when I found this effect
I called it "cell/tissue normalization". It was only later that
I read oral tolerance especially on the internet that I found
it is the same thing. Oral tolerance belongs under mainstream
medicine research.

I shall write on this topic in future but, you understand, it will be under
alternative medicine