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Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2004-08-24

my husband has this and I just started research on this. I have always thought he just had a skin disorder and he told me that certain foods cause this and he shouldnt be eating them but he does, my question is how do you change your diet over night. I want to start preparing his meals so he doesnt have to suffer the skin breakouts which he takes Dapsone for and would rather continue taking it rather then change his eating habits. How do you know for sure what foods have wheat and which ones dont. Its all very confusing to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help
Michelle Kaarto

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from Peter on 2004-08-26

Look at the thread on what you can and cannot eat on a gluten-free diet.


Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-08-29

I am a late 30-something year old female who recently learned that my daughter has coeliac/celiac disease and that it was probably passed down genetically .

struggled with the allopathic community's effectiveness in treating 98\% of my physical difficulties. I've

For the past 3 years I have been receiving treatment from alternative practitioners who employed various integrated-medicine modalities. For the first time in my experience, I have begun to experience relief from many of the ailments that have persisted. Though I have struggled with the allopathic community's effectiveness in treating 98\% of my physical difficulties, I've simultaneously continued to visit a allopathic practitioner who routinely conducts various tests for the different physical complaints presented. Consistently, I have spent very larger amounts of money at the allopathic Dr's office and on the expensive lab tests, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO RELIEF from the physical dis-eases -- all approved by the FDA. While conversely, I have spent a fraction of the money at my alternative practitioner's office, and I am receiving better results - which I know because I am experiencing vastly better health and well being with the treatements and advice I have received from them.

As for those who are very critical, with all their fancy titles, "Dr."John (---.wehi.edu.au) with his "background is as a clinical gastroenterologist and immunologist,involved in celiac research for a number of years" who says that people "should be sure to protect their own interests first--namely, their health and their wallet", I say you sound more suspicious and greedy to me than this other fellow. I've spent EXPONENTIALLY MORE MONEY at Dr's offices like yours WITH LESS EFFECTIVENESS and more PERMANENT DAMAGE TO MY HEALTH AND BODY than Mr. Henry will likely ever perpetrate with his homeopathic preparation.

Mr. Henry, I am very interested and curious to hear about your results. Thank you for posting your information. I'm becoming increasingly interested in alternative therapies because I have seen vastly superior results. Allopathic medicine has it's place, but it is not the best solution for the majority of dis-eases and physical difficulties most people face - primarily, I believe, because they put such little emphasis on diet and supplementation and rely on terrible chemicals with horrible side-effects, (both physically and finacially) that do more in many instances to decrease the quality of life (both physically and financially.)


Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-08-30

I've listed the 3 processes associated with O.T.

1. T cells & mononuclear lymphocytes produce
transforming growth factor -b (TGF-b)
2. clonal anergy
3. clonal deletion

With larger doses #2 & 3 are the dominant activities.

With small doses (0.5 mg. to 1 mg. of peptide) #1 is the
dominant activity.

Our trials have been on the larger dose regimen and this has ended.
We are now continuing trials using the smaller dose which is
taken daily.
Results will take a few more months.

Note: TGF-b is known to lower secretion of antibody - immunoglobin G ( in this case, to gliadin).

I would like to add that the formula has its own peculair
We have observed that taking the formula at the 5 mg. dose is followed
by a reaction. This reaction is a feeling of tiredness and with
folks who have a more severe case, includes some aches.
However, test subjects know they are healing due to a feeling of more energy.
( Some folks gained a few pounds and others even reported
digestive discomfort & disturbances were much removed.)

In fact, this reaction is universal and consistent with all subjects,
this occurence may be used as a test as to whether one is celiac/gluten intolerant as well as gauge its severity.
It will eliminate any false positives.

As a subject goes to the process of healing, the reaction becomes less and less.
Once the reaction is mild or gone, the subject should be healed &
is ready for blood tests to confirm this

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-09-27

Im very interested in your results-my mother has had diagnosed coeliac disease for the last 22years but has in the last year (particuarly the last couple of months) become resistant to a gluten free diet.......she is starving before our eyes....now looking for lymphomas etc.....


Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-09-27

hi caz,

certain folks reported digestive upsets clearing up after taking the formula.
We were certainly surprised because we had no idea that improvement
other than celiac was possible.

There's more, we found that other parties who were taking certain
anti-inflammatory drugs
with the formula were getting improvement far more than the usual

Kindly send me info about your mom such as age, medications, etc.
You can email me directly at
or camry@torontonian.com

Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-09-29


Re: Solution to Celiac - Oral Tolerance: from on 2004-10-01

Hi-thanks for replying so promptly. My Mum is 65yrs old, is taking salbutamol puffers (twice/day) and has recently started on a steriod (to treat her symptoms of diarrhoea (not sure if its prednisolone or another one). Her 'digestive upset' is a straightforward malabsorption-she has 14-20 bowel actions/day-her recent doudenal biopsy showed totally flattened villi-as if she has never been on a gluten free diet (she adheres to this strictly)....so its more than just an upset stomach-she is literally starving at this point.

She does seem to have improved somewhat in the last week since starting the steriods so hopefully it can give those villi a chance to recover.


any advice for a new mom dealing with celiac: from on 2004-10-05

I'm an 18 who has recently became pregnant with celiac. i was wondering if any1 had any advice in keeping the baby healthly. i have heard many bad stories of miscarriges so im kinda scared. if any1 has any advice that they think will be useful please respond thankyou

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2004-10-18

I was told that I have psorises about 8 years ago and have tryed every cream going and nothing has worked. my aunt has celiac and she thinks that my psorises could be to do with celiac. could this be my problem