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ceoliacs: from on 2004-07-02

I have not been diagnosed with ceoliacs yet but my syptoms are of ceoliacs with your help could you help me and let me know if they are symptoms of ceoliacs.
I have dirrah on and off my stools are lighter then normal my liver enzyme test are elevated. I get mouth ulcers and I am hungry all the time I can eat a full meal and with in half an hour I am hungry again.I get nausea and heart burn at times. what test do the doctors do to make a full diagnose of the diease

Re: ceoliacs: from Peter on 2004-07-04

Best to ask your doctor about this.


Re: ceoliacs: from on 2004-12-04

you can start off by not having any wheat flour or gluten i was told i had cd in febuary this year and was heartbroken as i love yorkshire puddings and cakes. but things had to change it was hard at first because i have two kids to think about and my husband gave me a lot of support. i also get mood swings and start shouting at people which to me i am blaming the wrong people. the moods start if i have wheat or gluten it has affected my marriage but if your relationship is strong then you will get through this dont worry there is help

Re ceoliacs: from amy on 2005-07-07

i am waiting to find out whether i have ceoliac disease. my symptoms are the same as most, except im not losing weight, ive almost stayed the same weight, ive just gained a few extra pounds. is this usual. also i have a foul taste in my mouth and the enamel is wearing off my teeth. im always tired, hungry and grumpy. im also getting short of breath. in recent weeks my stools have been a pale colour and they also alternate. my tummy is alweays bloated and tender. id appreciate some advice because im only 18 and am finding it all pretty scary.

Re ceoliacs: from Liz Hodgson on 2006-02-17

I thought i would reply to you,as you have had coeliac disease for so long.

After two years of endless cameras in my stomach, and one or two emergency hospital admissions, they took two biopsy's and diagnosis i got, this morning is ceoliac diseaes.
My iron has been very very low, and my colon is smooth BUT i have not ever lost any weight....is this risght...as i thought you lost weight and suffered from malnutritio.
The gp said this morning it will get worse if i eat wheat/gluten but i can't understand why i have'nt lost weight over two years.

I don't seem as bad as some of the people i have just read about on the internet,
i just wondered if they might have got it wrong.
Liz Hodgson

Re ceoliacs: from john higgs on 2006-04-17

I am now 40 years old and was diagnosed with CD at birth.
Having followed a strict gluten free diet until about the age of 20 I now follow the diet by eating gluten free bread etc but often eat normal cakes/ bread especially when on holiday .
The only apparent side effect is offensive smelling flatulence.
I am a keen runner and have ran the London Marathon 3 times.
I am a blood donor and in generally very good health.
However, I have read that by not following the diet strictly it can lead to complications later on in life.
What are these complications and given that I have been very lapse with my diet for the last 20 yrs, is the damage to my bowel permanent?

Re ceoliacs: from Peter on 2006-04-17

Problems related to not following the diet

Mal absorbtion syndromes - not absorbing correct vitamins and minerals - osteoporosis the commonest

Autoimune diseases

Increased chance of cancers

Damage directly to the gut - Crohns disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, many others


Damage to the nervous system

The list is a long one. these are just a few examples.

Re ceoliacs: from Sonia Turnbull on 2006-07-05


Have just been diagnosed with Ceoliacs and I'm trying to think positively that it will help me eat more healthily and lose some weight as for the last 2 years I have struggled to lose weight which I'm confused about.

Although I can't help thinking that life will have to change so drastically and how am I going to find the time to do all my own cooking. I love eating out and this is the most depressing thing for me, how do you eat different cuisines on this diet??? I can't find any information about it??

Oh well let's hope it will help my irratibility as I know it must be difficult for my husband to deal with.


Re ceoliacs: from Peter on 2006-07-05

A large group of us recently had a Thai feast at a restaurant in Pembroke (The Druidstone)

I was pleasantly suprised to find that everything was gluten-free and I had an excellent meal.

You do have to ask, and on many occasions speak to the chef. If the staff don't understand what you are enquiring about then go elsewhere.
There are many good eating places now that do understand.

Re ceoliacs: from Peter on 2006-07-18

The symptoms you describe are typical of a reaction to gluten. You must stick absolutely to a gluten-free diet. Some detailed tests have shown that quite a high proportion of coeliacs also react to soy / soya (including myself). If you think this is a problem then you must totally avoid soya as well.

Your swollen belly and gaunt face are typical of quite severe malnutrition - and this is a direct result of the damage caused by the food you are eating.

You can continue being a vegetarian provided that you eat fish regularly, and add olive oil to your vegetables each day - this helps you absorb the vitamins as well as being an important source of energy. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables togther with potato and rice and you should see your health improve.

I avoid all manufactured food because of the addition of soya by products such as lecithins, and other unspecified products.
It may mean that I cook every meal for myself, and don't eat out very often, but it keeps me fit and healthy.

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