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Chestnut Flour in UK: from Peter on 2003-03-07

I have just been searching my local Sainsburys for some other ingredients, and found Sweet Chestnut flour on the shelf in the specialities section (which I promptly bought).

It is labelled Farina di Castagne, produced and packed in Italy for GFF Ltd London SE1 9AG
Bar coded 5 029902000081 which should help you locate it viw the Sainsburys help desk.


Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from on 2003-04-02

Great __ I'll look out for it. Do you know anywhere in the UK I can get Sorhum flour? I've tried Google but can only find US sources. Also do you know where we can get the garbafava flour in the uk that US GF/Wheat intolerants are raving about?
Thanks David

Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from Katharine on 2007-11-26

Hi, you could try Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington - they have a good range of wheat free flours and are a US-based company. Garbanzos are chickpeas so I suspect that they're simply raving about chickpea flour. Many local halaal friendly or Indian corner stores will stock this very cheaply - just ask for gram flour

Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from Anne Purdham on 2009-01-28

I found Sorghum flour in the very large Tesco in Pitsea in Essex last year. Have you tried any local Asian shops?



Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from Richard Burnett on 2010-08-19

I have just bought Chestnut flour from ebay,co.uk - Sensone branded, organic and dried over an open chestnut fire for 30 days (or so it says) - delicious taste and direct from the farm