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Chestnut Flour in UK: from Peter on 2003-03-07

I have just been searching my local Sainsburys for some other ingredients, and found Sweet Chestnut flour on the shelf in the specialities section (which I promptly bought).

It is labelled Farina di Castagne, produced and packed in Italy for GFF Ltd London SE1 9AG
Bar coded 5 029902000081 which should help you locate it viw the Sainsburys help desk.


Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from on 2003-04-02

Great __ I'll look out for it. Do you know anywhere in the UK I can get Sorhum flour? I've tried Google but can only find US sources. Also do you know where we can get the garbafava flour in the uk that US GF/Wheat intolerants are raving about?
Thanks David

chestnut flour: from on 2004-06-24

I'll look out for method of making chestnut flour . because I have to use it for investigation in my bachelor degree. please help me if you can.

thanks a lot

Re chestnut flour: from jade on 2006-10-09

did anyone find a recipe for how to make chestnut flour? if so, could you please share it or direct me to the source?
thanks, jade

Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from Katharine on 2007-11-26

Hi, you could try Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington - they have a good range of wheat free flours and are a US-based company. Garbanzos are chickpeas so I suspect that they're simply raving about chickpea flour. Many local halaal friendly or Indian corner stores will stock this very cheaply - just ask for gram flour

Re chestnut flour: from Peter on 2007-11-26

Peel the skins off the chestnuts. This is easier if you dip them in boiling water first.
Then put them in shallow trays in an oven at just below 100 degrees celsius (centigrade) until dried right through.
The chestnuts can then be crushed with a rolling pin into a flour.

The only way to keep the flour for any length of time is to place it in the deep freeze. Just take out what you need for a baking session

chestnut flour: from Vicki on 2008-12-07

Buy chestnuts.

Boil and blanche them in order to peel them easily.

Spread the chestnuts on a non-grease cookie sheets and dry them at 200 degrees for a few hours. Remove from oven when dried the whole way through.

Grind the dried chestnuts in a food processor or place in a cloth bag and pund with a hammer until the desired fineness is reached

Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from Anne Purdham on 2009-01-28

I found Sorghum flour in the very large Tesco in Pitsea in Essex last year. Have you tried any local Asian shops?



Re: Chestnut Flour in UK: from Richard Burnett on 2010-08-19

I have just bought Chestnut flour from ebay,co.uk - Sensone branded, organic and dried over an open chestnut fire for 30 days (or so it says) - delicious taste and direct from the farm