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Re: Chips,Salsa,Corn syrup: from Peter on 2008-01-10

People started posting messages about corn pops containing wheat in March 2004

Chips,Salsa,Corn syrup: from Dr. Russ L'HommeDieu, DPT on 2008-09-27

Question: Does High Fructose Corn Syrup contain Gluten?? A: Why would it?

I know my high school English teacher would have a cow if she heard me answer a question with a question - but, as a life coach, I do it a lot. I first stumbled on this issue while studying to be a chef. One of the best texts I have on the fine art of nourishment is "On Food and Cooking" by Harold McGee. A gluten intolerant myself, I was appalled to hear that HFCS is "sometimes" fermented with BARLEY! Oh NO! HFCS is in EVERYTHING - now what do I do? Confused, I shot this question to Mr. McGee: Good Morning Mr. McGee - I was intrigued to learn that high fructose corn syrup is sometimes made from barley malt enzymes. That prompted me to ponder if this would pose a risk for those highly sensitive to gluten? Are sufferers of Celiac disease at risk of developing a reaction to HFCS manufactured with malt enzymes or are the gluten proteins absent from the process?

His Response:

Hi Russ, I don't know for sure, but I imagine that the malt enzymes are added in very small quantities to cornstarch solutions, and any gluten proteins would be minor contaminants in a very minor component of the process. In addition, gluten isn't water soluble, so if present at all they would be very minor contaminants. Regards, Harold

Although - for other reasons - I am NOT a fan of HFCS - I am putting it on my "DON'T PANIC" list for now. Good Luck my friend - eat well and stay healthy!

Chips,Salsa,Corn syrup: from laura on 2009-03-25

As of Dec '08 PACE SALSA IS OUT!!! It is no longer GF. That's the biggest bummer of my entire week. I have a big old bottle that I can't use sitting in my pantry. I'm DEFINATELY complaining

Chips,Salsa,Corn syrup: from Virginia on 2011-08-16

Thank-you for the information, I need all the help with understanding whats ok and whats not

Chips,Salsa,Corn syrup: from Paula on 2011-10-06

Chex makes a number of GF cereals if you don't want to buy the expensive GF ones.

Most Natural corn chips are safe, read the ingredients. Stay away from hydrogenated oils...must be pure canola or olive oils.

Salsa is safe w/o corn syrup. I do not eat any corn syrup, High fructose or not. Many are processed with wheat or malt for stability.

Do not buy processed meats. Even chicken in a brine is not safe, the brine may contain stock which has flour. Buy fresh, read the package. There are GF hams, bacon, salami, etc.

Read, read, read the labels. Products change ingredients all the time, so don't assume if it was one safe, it still is.

Some cheese like blue cheese contains wheat.

Unfortunately not all foods labeled GF are safe, some manufactures, mis- label food. Be sure to know what you are buying.

Good luck, happy and healthy eating

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