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Re chocolate: from Vida on 2006-07-06

That's amazing news! It really does seem too good to be true, after so long it's hard to believe )
Thanks for the quick reply!

Re chocolate: from Alex on 2006-08-31

We have to be dairy and soya free too and use plamil chocolate which haas neither and even has a fake milk chocolate made with lupin flour! You can obtain these from their website or health food shops.

Re: chocolate: from John Williams on 2007-02-08

Mars Bars.----

The 2007/08 Coeliac Soc food handbook does not

include Mars as in previous years. If it is not in the book, then it must be

regarded as being unsuitable for coeliacs. I have been a coeliac for 30



Re: chocolate: from John Moore on 2007-02-13

2007/8 handbook lists Mars as one of the companies which did not get its information in in time for publication.

Re: chocolate: from Peter on 2007-02-13

Masterfoods (Mars Ltd), who provide information about Mars Bars and their other confectionery say that they are currently updating their nutritional information. This may mean that there are some changes to the ingredients list. You cannot assume that a product that was gluten-free is still gluten-free.

Re: chocolate: from Ignacio on 2007-04-23

hi. my kids and I suffer from CD, and though we are currently residing in Argentina, the rest of my family lives in the UK. since my mother is coming over at the end of the week I wanted to ask her to bring an assortment of chocolates with her, and, well, I'd need to know that they are gluten free.

thing is, I don't have the book with gluten free products, so I was wondering if anyone could let me know of a few chocolate brands that are gluten free. I'd very much appretiate the info. I'm almost certain Snickers and Toblerone are gluten free - anything else? Cadbury chocolate buttons? Yorkie? Dime bar, Boost? thanks in advance.

Re: chocolate: from Peter on 2007-04-23

Unfortunately Mars, Kraft, have not provided gluten-free information this year.

From Cadbury list:
Curly Wurly
Milk Tray
Roses Assortment

From Nestle list:

Yorkie - milk chocolate
Black Magic - all sweets
Milk Choc Bar
Milky Bar

Re: chocolate: from Angela on 2007-05-24

I have just requested info from Masterfoods who make Mars as to which products are ok for all us coeliacs!

I find it very annoying when they do not get their information in in time, Masterfoods make so many of our UK confectionery products that without their contribution a whole chunk of goodies we could probably eat and now being missed out on.

My mum asked them for an uncle ben's list and they were quite good and did send her a comprehensive list quite quickly a few years back.

Re: chocolate: from Cath on 2007-06-21

I emailed mars a couple of days ago (June 07)and mars bars are no longer gluten free. They changed the recipe to accommodate vegetarians, taking out aminal products and replacing with gluten. I am really annoyed that they have done this and then delayed in not putting the information on their products into the uk directory.

Re: chocolate: from Billy on 2007-06-28

Anyone else really annoyed by this?

Mars bars used to be GF. They are not in this year's Handbook.

I've been eating them and now find that they are now NOT GF. I've been trying to work out what was causing me problems and now I know!

There is a huge 'Instant Win' flash printed on the bar in front of me. Is it really too much to ask for them to add a Contains Gluten note at the bottom of the ingredients. Isn't there some kind of legislation in place for this?

Why is is that people who choose a vegetarian diet (and that's fine, good luck to them) get pandered to but those of us with special diets forced upon us have to struggle to see if something is safe to eat.

For those who want to continue eating their stuff I was sent this list of safe products.

I think I may give them a miss until they can be bothered to label up.


I can confirm that our Mars bars are not suitable for a gluten free diet.

Please find below a current list of Masterfoods products that are gluten free



BOUNTY Milk & Dark

CELEBRATIONS: Bounty, Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel, Mini Truffle, Snickers

GALAXY Block: Milk, Fruit & Nut, Hazelnut

GALAXY Caramel

GALAXY Minstrels

GALAXY Promises Caramel, Coffee, Hazelnut


GALAXY Small Fingers

LOCKETS: all varieties

M&M's: Chocolate, Peanut, Minis

MILKY WAY Magic Stars

SKITTLES: all varieties


STARBURST: Chews, Sourburst

TUNES: all varieties


BOUNTY: Standard, Mango & Passion Fruit Stick, Mango Tub

GALAXY: Standard, Caramel Swirl

M&M's Tub

MARS: Dark

SNICKERS: Standard, Tub

Milky Way Ice Cream Bar


GALAXY Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel, Bounty Frappe


MilkyWay Chocolate Shake, MilkyWay Vanilla Shake, MilkyWay Strawberry Shake






GALAXY Caramel Filled Egg

GALAXY Luxury Egg

GALAXY Promises Adult Egg

GALXY Promises Luxury Egg

GALAXY Solid Mini Eggs 100g

MARS Filled Egg

MILKY WAY Magic Stars Small Egg