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Re: chocolate: from emma on 2007-07-13

my friend floows a gluten free diet nd im cooking for her and a group of other friends on tuesday

i was planning on making cheesecake with gluten free cookies (bought from tesco) as the base with melted toblerone in the filling

does toblerone contain gluten!!

please help! thankyouuuu

Re: chocolate: from peter on 2007-07-13

Unfortunately Kraft have not confirmed that Toblerone is gluten free, so it should not be used.

You could use Green and Blacks Organic dark 70\% chocolate, or Organic dark chocolate with hazelnuts and currants.

Re: chocolate: from Joanna Sutton on 2007-08-08

Help Does anyone know Are Galaxy Minstrels gluten free please.

RE: novelty chocolate cake: from on 2007-10-19

do you know of any other GF recipes like Carrot Cake or Lemon Cake that will make a firm enough cake to shape into a novelty cake? I've made GF cakes before and they are prone to crumble.

Can ANYbody help? its urgent, need recipe for tomorrow.

RE: novelty chocolate cake: from Peter on 2007-10-19

The following are firm cakes for me:




Re: chocolate: from sarahheaton on 2007-11-13

See Kraft website

Toblerone is gluten free! YEY

Re: chocolate: from Maria on 2007-12-20

I'd understood & read somewhere that snickers contained barley malt and were therefore not gluten free

Re chocolate: from jane on 2008-02-12

All galaxy variety is gluten free and has no wheat at all

As i love it and have been diagnosed with ceoliac for 8 years myself

Re chocolate: from Shar on 2008-03-12

I am a diagnosed coeliac for 3 years and let's just say, I'm extremely sensitive to gluten. My boyfriend found out that Snickers were gluten free so I ate one (YUM) and nothing! Not even a twinge! Cadbury's Crunchie is labled as having trace amounts but they make me really sick about half an hour after eating one so I'm convinced that Snickers are gluten free!

On a seperate note, I am also fed up of being 'second class' compared to Vegie heads! I understand that it is a life choice but CD is a condition that can and most often will make the sufferer extremely ill if they eat something containing gluten. I'm sure the most that would happen if a Veg. ate meat is that they mite feel guilty

Re: chocolate: from M on 2008-08-01

Not ALL Green & Blacks chocolate is GF.