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Re: chocolate: from jim on 2008-10-16

Hi Great thread; someone mentioned a gluten free handbook 2007-8. Where can I get this?

Thanks if you can help

Re: chocolate: from jim on 2008-10-16

Anyone know if Snickers ice cream is gluten free. As there's one mix Snickers ice cream recipe contains nuts and caramel I am wary, but hopingggggg!!

Re chocolate: from CLARE on 2008-11-05


Re: chocolate: from Dawn on 2008-11-08

Try being vegie and celiac of which my daughter is both. Looks like mars bars off the list for us either way

Re: chocolate: from Rosie on 2008-11-29

I have been a coeliac since I was diagnosed at the age of 1! and very sensitive to any traces of gluten... and when I became ill last easter I just couldn't work out what I had eaten. Turns out it was a mars bar I had eaten the day before giving up chocolate for lent! I have always been allowed them, changes of recipe should be advertised so this doesn't happen!

I grew up as a coeliac and vegetarian.. (eat meat now) so I know how hard it can be! At least vegetarians get the option.. companies could make it so much easier for us.. I never know what products to trust anymore!


Re: chocolate: from Peter on 2008-11-29

I like my chocolate too, but I don't buy anything these days that doesn't have a very clear list of ingredients.
I make my own sweets using pure cocoa powder. At least I know exactly what is in them!

Re: chocolate: from sophy on 2008-12-19

i've just spoken to mars - my 4 year old daughter has this week been diagnosed as coeliac so we're just starting.

the following are ok:

chocolate and peanut m&ms

milky way little stars but NOT milky ways

galaxy milk chocolate bars


NOT celebrations.

sorry didn't ask about other things as they're the ones she likes. They were very helpful on the phone

Re chocolate: from Su on 2009-01-09

Hi im confused If Mars Bars are gluten free then why does it state barley malt extract on the ingredients - does this not count? Thanks

Re chocolate: from Peter on 2009-01-09

Mars Bars do not stay the same. They change the ingredients. Also Mars Bars made in different factories for different countries have different ingredients.
I would say that anything containing barley malt extract is not gluten-free

Re: chocolate: from Ruth on 2009-01-16

I would agree with John and say Mars bars are not gluten free as they contain Barley Malt Extract. I have checked numerous times! Its the same for Milky Ways and Snickers. Must be something to do with the nougat inside...not worth the risk