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Re: chocolate mars bar: from louisette sant manduca on 2009-03-15

does a mars bar contain gluten

Re: chocolate: from Claire on 2009-08-21

Hiya i would like to kno asap where i can get/buy on line, Bounty chocolate bars for Coeliac (wheat-free, gluten-free and soya-free) please help

Re chocolate: from liam on 2009-09-10

i might be wrong but doesnt mars bars contain malt barly which contains gluten

Re chocolate: from morven on 2009-10-18

When was this posted? I thought they weren't. Would love one! 18/10/09

Re chocolate: from Peter on 2009-10-18

Mars Bars are not gluten-free October 2009

They do change the recipe from time to time and they have slightly different recipes in different countries, but until Mars tell us differently, they are not gluten-free

Re: chocolate: from anne on 2009-10-19

Mars just sent me this reply - 10/19/2009

Please find below a current list of Mars products that are suitable for a gluten free diet.

Bounty - Milk & Dark

Galaxy - Minstrels

Galaxy - Ripple

Galaxy - Smooth Milk Chocolate

Galaxy - Smooth Dark Chocolate

Galaxy Pieces - Milk Chocolate & Caramel

M&M's - Choco & Peanut

Milky Way - Magic Stars

Treets - Peanut Treets

Ice Cream

Bounty Chocolate Ice Cream stick

Bounty Ice Cream bar

Galaxy Caramel Swirls Ice Cream stick

Galaxy Vanilla Heaven Ice Cream bar

Snickers Ice Cream bar

Mars exercises every care in providing this product information, please be aware that changes may occur in the future.

If you need any further information or advice please contact our Consumer Careline on the telephone number below and one of our Consumer Care Advisors will be more than happy to help you.

Kind regards.

So happy eating!!!

Re: chocolate: from Elaine on 2009-11-16

Mars bars contain barley so you are advised not to eat them. They are not on the gluten free list you get if you contact mars direct

Gluten free chocolate: from karen on 2010-04-06

Does any on know of a gluten/wheat free plain chocolate that is all 100\% free from including cross contamination of dairy and soy?

Also, the same for Cornflakes or Rice Krispies type cereals and cocoa?

I'm aware of the PPM issues and thats theres no chance of these products being a reality but if you don't ask!!