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Re Cholesterol: from Peter on 2005-08-11

Firstly, I must make it clear that I cannot recommend anything! Only your medical doctor, with full access to you and your medical history is in a position to make a recommendation.
How we maintain our health as we get older is a balancing act with many factors to consider. Some of these are quality of life decisions - but they may make it a shorter one.
It is unlikely that your cholesterol levels would be rising if you were lean, fit and ate sparingly ( and didn't drink alcohol), so the first question is, can you change your lifestyle to increase your daily exercise, and secondly, can you reduce the amount you eat until it matches your requirements?
If you only ate a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and cereals, with a sprinkling of olive oil, ( and no alcohol) - no other fats - it is unlikely that you would need medication for cholesterol.
If you can take several hours of steady exercise each day -say walking three miles at a brisk pace as well, again that could reduce the need for medication.

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