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cider: from colin on 2007-02-08

I understand that all beers are now a no no. However a friend has advised that it is ok to drink cider, Can you advise if this is ok


cider: from Peter on 2007-02-08

Cider is gluten-free

Cider: from Peter on 2007-09-21

Cider is based on apples and should be wheat free and gluten-free

Cider: from karen on 2008-04-16

My son 20 yr son (lives in the US) is spending the month of June in London. I have been told it will be hard to find gluten free beer in pubs that he should drink cider. Is cider gluten free?

He is will also be spending sept - dec in Copenhagen. Does anyone know how difficult is it for someone to be a celiac in Copenhagen?

I appreciate any information or advise

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