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Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from David on 2008-01-01

I have been having problems since april. In September i paid to have a Vegatest and was told that i was alergic to gluten. It has been four months now from i have been on the diet i have inproved but not totally better can it take longer to reverse the damage to your stomach as i am going mad not getting out off the house. I have been told to give it more time

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2008-01-01

I would not base any diagnosis on any test, such as the vegatest , that cannot reliably produce the same results in a double blind situation - where neither the subject nor the operator knows the expected result.
If your symptoms are sufficient to keep you housebound after four months on a gluten-free diet then this is unlikely to be a simple gluten allergy

Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Lisa on 2008-01-31

I have suffered with excessive sweating and BO for the last 8 years. The sweating was so bad it almost felt acidic on my skin! I have tried all different types of deodorants and searched the internet to try to find out why. Recently I decided to cut out wheat from my diet and I have been astonished to find that my sweating and BO problem has just disappeared! Is it common for a wheat intolerance to cause severe sweating and BO problems?



Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from mandy Winrow on 2008-06-14

my 4 year old had severe diarrheor for 18 months and at the time i was consulting the doctors who assured me there was nothing wrong with her and tested her for wheat intolerence. As a mum, i know that when she eats wheat she has a reaction.

i have taken her of gluten now but the school need a certificate to say that thye are fine to prepare gluten free meals for her as self diagnosis is not acceptable......

I dont know what to do as i know that she is allergic but the tests say no, all is ok with her? any ideas of other tests that dont cost the earth. i am in Spain?

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Leah on 2008-06-29

Oh my God!!!! I cant believe some doctors!!!! I, myself like your daughter had coeliacs....well at least all the systems of coeliacs for as long as I remember, it wasnt until I was 18 I actually got diagnosed with the disease, after alot of times they kept reasuring me everything was fine too. I recommend you definatley get a second opinion. Chrones disease is very similar but I think more severe other wise IBS is also another thing to watch out for. I would try and find a specalist for that area so maybe an endoscopy could be done. And as for the school ask them why a peanut allergy can be taken as gospel from a parent, and as a parent you are not asking them for a favor to look after your daughter you are demanding it, and with that said for no gluten to be put in any of her foods. YOU are the person that makes decisions for your daughter not the schoool or any piece of paper confirming what you would prefer for your daughter to eat. Hope I helped!!! all the best with your little God send

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Julie on 2009-03-31

Hi. Was thrilled to find this forum...to know I am not going mad...Have had problems for a few years now with digestion and narrowed this problem down to wheat possibly. Stupid really, but eating a sandwich brings on rapid heartbeat, itching (mild) skin / scalp, severe bloating and feeling full for hours and hours despite not eating much. If I avoid wheat, my stomach stays bloated but the other symptoms disappear. Went to GP who said wheat intolerance was psychological / all in the head and wheat fibre too important to cut out. Have tried cutting down slightly but then I go back to eating wheat again and don't where where I am or what to do really. My friend mentioned Coeliac Disease but I always thought Coeliacs were underweight, but I now have weight to lose...it just won't shift despite exercise and careful eating. Any ideas anyone? I would be grateful for any pointers....Thanks

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Arlene Lennon on 2009-08-20

My son was diagnosed 2 years ago with celiac and 6 mos. ago with thyroid disease. Autoimmune diseases can travel together. I would have your child's thyroid tested if he is experiencing night sweats. Just a thought

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Maree on 2009-12-10

Delighted to find this site and discovering so many other people with the same problems as me. I have been suffering with bloatedness and pain in left side of abdomen for years and always told it's IBS. Recently I had been having to run to the loo after every meal and then had a bleed after stomach pain on one occasion. Dr sent me for a colonoscopy as the symptoms matched bowel cancer. But fortunately nothing was found. My daughter is a nurse and she suggested I could be intolerant to something. So I went wheat free for 10 days. What an amazing change. No more running to the loo, and the painful tummy is now only slightly tender. I also noticed that the hot flushes have stopped. I had got used to them as I am a woman of 58 and have been putting up with them for more than 10 years. My Dr is now going to do a blood test to prove that we've found the solution. I found that gluten free stuff at the supermarkets is dearer and high in fats and sugar which is annoying. Thanks for all the info. Good luck with your new diet everyone

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from georgette on 2010-08-26

I have the same thing - heartburn for years... indigestion, they all say take your acid blocker meds, which i've been on for almost 20 years.. I'm 42 and very worried that they are making me sicker.

I had a negative test as well.... I just started a gluten free diet, my stomach aches feel better, but I'm still very very lethargic --- i was diagnosed over the years with iron def anemia, b12 and vitamin D deficiencies..

It's soooo aggrevating when they don't believe you aren't feeling well.

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Victoria on 2010-12-04

yes definitely - perhas mainly because i suddenly stopped eating biscuits, cake, which happened every day. Also breakfast became complicated so i often skipped it. Now however I have found GF substitutes and my weight has probably gone up a little bit. But i'm still at least a dress size down