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coeliac in young children: from elvira on 2006-09-04

hi there please help!!1 just yesterday we found out that my 31/2 yrs old by has CD.. started a couple of months ago with cramping and diarrhea. We started on gluten free diet but now i am ready to pull my hair out. HE is uded to home cooking, so he canno stand the breads, he will not eat vegetables, so wht's left is pasta, chicken and fuit,I am so worried that he 'll get sicker and not better. Does anyone outhtere havce any bread recepies willing to share with me sot hat maybe this gf bread tast more like the regular one? Please e-mail me with your help I really appreciate it

thank you

coeliac in young children: from Peter on 2006-09-04

See the recipes at

Also try the pancakes.

see also


coeliac in young children: from Catherine Wills on 2006-09-15

As a mother of children with CD in Australia I was wondering if you knew of a chat site or some group were mother's of children with CD can all talk to each other. Sometime we feel pretty isolated here.Although I have too older daughters and myself and we support each other it would be good to talk to other people all over the world on how the cope with it and swap idea's.

coeliac in young children: from Louise on 2006-10-02

Hi my son was diagnosed last week with CD. He is only two and has been sick all his life and it has taken me two years to finally find out what is wrong. Now I am busy trying to learn about this new lifestyle. I am pleased to read some of you have had great results but like some of the others I am concerned. My son won't eat the bread. He cant drink any of the milk at this stage and is on prescribed formula which he wont drink. He can't live on just water. At this stage he is not allowed juices or other drinks...My daughter is also on a dairy free diet so I feel like I am preparing all these special meals which is very exhausting as I also work. Any tips for tasty meals, links to receipe sites, support groups etc would be appreciated. Have found CD NSW site on the net and emailed them today but any other ideas would be benefical.

coeliac in young children: from teresa on 2007-02-01

hi badly in need of help my daughter whos six is plagued by feeling unwell and catching every thing going. feels sick most of the time and tired, got blood tests done two weeks ago for cd no results back yet is this symptonms of cd.

coeliac in young children: from Peter on 2007-02-01

Sometimes you just have to be patient. Only the child's doctor knows the full medical history and is in a position to make a diagnosis.

coeliac in young children: from lisa on 2007-03-27

Hi my son is 6yrs old and Ive only just found out that he has CD. He had shingles and I didnt know about it. My son suffered the same symptoms as your child as a baby and Im not sure soy is ever a way to go due to the side effects it has caused. My mother (as I have CD as well) used goats milk for me. Soy was not an option back then (Im 32). But goats milk was the only thing that I could stomach. I did not know for my son how to help him so I hope you have better luck

coeliac in young children: from susannah hansen on 2007-04-10

I just found this great website..I have just had my daughter tested today and I wonder if anyone out there has had a negative test result turn out positive later on. I am sure my daughter has this disease..she has had gas, fussiness, constipation, leg cramps, major insomnia, tooth enamel defects all at age 2.5..I am so afraid the test results will come back negative and I will be lost! Anyone have any thoughts?

coeliac in young children: from sharon on 2007-07-04

my son who is 8 as been diagnosed with cd in june,he as been unwell for 3 years having to go through lots of investigations to find out what was wrong.My son is a very fussy eater,we only saw a dietrician yesterday so i am very new to it all,i have read many of your letters and its good to no other parents are out there.i would appriciate all the advice i can get.I wish all your children and yourselfs best of luck. sharon

coeliac in young children: from susannah hansen on 2007-07-05

I am in the process of having my daughter diagnosed, the blood tests came up negative, but we are going ahead with the endoscopy because of all of the symptoms present. I have cut out all gluten, but there is so much hidden gluten in contaminated products, that I still see her very uncomfortable at times. I wonder if anyone has seen behavior changes in their celiac children when small amounts of wheat are ingested? If so, how long does it take to see changes...I swear with my daughter it is within 24 hours and sometimes sooner. It seems like it all disappears once the food has gone past a certain place in her intestines...is this typical of celiac? It has been a long process, my daughter nursed until after 2 1/2 and is now 3, when she stopped nursing things went downhill fast. I had cut out wheat, sugar and dairy, etc. when she was 9 months old so thankfully she grew well-but she has been constipated since she was about 6 months old. Any one who can share their experience with me...I would love to hear from you.


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