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coeliac in young children: from on 2007-07-13

gluten free popcorn should be sold on glutafin websites

coeliac in young children: from georgina on 2007-10-11

my son at the was 6 months when he first became ill i took him to the doctors and they said he had a bug. a week later i took him back to the doctors and they rushed him straight to hospital all that night they done tests on him and the doctor told me i will be lucky if he survives and that i will not be burying him has he was very ill and lost so much weight. they done a boipsy on him 9 days before his birthday and got the results 6 weeks after and he had cd. he is 3 next month and he is doing well and the diet i have found for him has started to put the weight back on. I am now going through it all again with my 4 year old daughter who has been tested and just waiting for her to have her biopsy so now i am gettin all my children tested now just to make sure to see if they have or have not got it

coeliac in young children: from nicole on 2007-12-18

Aussie mum also with children with cd, would love to talk to someone with local point of view

coeliac in young children: from Nikole on 2008-08-24

My 3-year-old son is exactly the same, although he has never been diagnosed with celiac disease. He has been tested for allergies, however, and gluten was one of the offenders. He is also allergic to all dairy and corn. Have you tested corn? We find that if he eats anything made with corn (including high fructose corn syrup), his behaviour rapidly declines. He will start throwing things or hitting his sister for no reason. When we try to discipline him, he simply looks us straight in the eye and continues to misbehave. When he has been eating "clean" he does not act like this at all

coeliac in young children: from dottyspots on 2008-10-16

Try making gf bread in a breadmaker and add a tsp of xanthum gum, it makes a real difference to the bread (it's springier and more 'bread-like' although a gf loaf will never really be like wheat-based bread).

You can also use it when making cakes - I make a lovely gf and dairy-free chocolate brownie which pleases non-gf people just as well :0

coeliac in young children: from Karin on 2009-01-29

Hi Paola, i have just read your message and it is like reading about my son. He is 7 and was diagnosed with cd 15 months ago. He too was very mature about this, and has rarely rebelled and eaten gluten. however, over the last 6 - 9 months there has been a definite change in his behaviour within the home, although his behaviour and work as school are good. I am 100\% sure this is his reaction to being given this cd diagnosis, and the realisation that it is a lifelong condition. it is particularly difficult when going to social functions, friends parties etc. there is plenty of advice when it comes to diet, but there seems to be no help or support available from professionals on how to deal with this psychologically, it has such a massive impact on the whole of the family.

I would be interested to hear if other people experience the same difficulties, and how they have dealt with them.


coeliac in young children: from Averil Rees on 2009-10-21

Roleys Teff Bread mixes (Sainsbury, Waitrose, & I think Asda) produce such nice bread, (not the cardboard that you have to 'refresh' in microwave, or toast it)

Loaf rises like 'proper' bread

coeliac in young children: from Averil Rees on 2009-10-21

Don't cut out gluten until the endoscopy/biopsy has been done. That relies on picking up inflammed/damaged gut cells. If gluten-free, the gut will heal & nothing will show up. If you don't want to put gluten back on her menu, there's no point in subjecting her to the biopsy

coeliac in young children: from Lesley on 2009-11-03

My Grandson has CD. I cried at first as I thought he'd never enjoy a normal diet. Not so. All fresh food, vegetables, potatoes, meat and fruit are gluten free. Macdonalds are fine so long as you ask for a grill burger so that the bread hasn't touched it. Most Cadbury chocolate, Galaxy are GF. GF pasta is very good so other than the bread ther really is no problem. Baked beans are now GF. Milk and cheese are good and the GF cereals are pricey but good.

As for the constipation that will be easy to remedy with a freshly blended juice with blueberries, pears and oranges. Add grapes or apples or strawberries.

Don't fret. It is quite easy and the Coeliac Uk telephone line advises freely

coeliac in young children: from Miss Norris on 2011-03-08


Im reply to you as i notice that you put in your letter that a blood test was shown to be negative but you are having the endoscopy to see if it coeliac or not, my son is 6 and has it, but for it to show up on the test you shouldnt cut out the wheat or gluten until it has been diagnosed as this will show up to be a negative result> Coeliac is when the tiny hair folicales in the intestine disappears so anything eaten is past straight through, if you start giving your child a gluten free diet before the test, any folicales that had gone will have time to repair itself which will then give you a negative result on the test, so please i know its hard to see your child suffer, but to get the right result you still need to give them the wheat and gluten. I hope this has been of use to you