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Coeliac Research: from Ted fuhrman on 2005-09-26

I recently attended a GF seminar presented by a medical internal physician, who has spent many years investigating and researching the celiac disease. During his presentation he noted that oats has always been thought of as containing a protein similar to that in wheat and could cause a celiac reaction. For this reason oats has always been placed on the "do - not -consume" list.

He stated that research has now proven that this is not the case and that oats has been taken off the GF listing. He highly recommended that those with celiac disease to eat oats. This adds to the grain fiber in ones diet. He had no qualms in stating this and went on to say that even in severe cases, oats was fine.

I have been on a GF diet now for 23 years and obviously come from the old school relative to eating oats. Is there a journal artical or organization I could contact to get confirmation of the statements made during this presentation.

If this is now true, has anyone developed recipes utilizing oats?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Coeliac Research: from Nicole on 2005-10-01

Ted, I'm not sure of the numbers but my mother found some research in which they made a blood test for oat gluten (the standard blood test for gluten uses wheat gluten) and tested a selection of untreated coeliacs.

A large \% tested positive to oat gluten and a small \% tested negative.
Unfortunatly the test for oats was a research tool only and has not been developed comercally.

I will ask for the links and exact information.

Also personally I 'challenged' myself with oats and found I 'tolerated' 1 meal but became very sick after 3 meals in 3 days containing oats, so I would be disappointed if oats became acceptable in glutenfree labeling.

BTW If you want to cook with oats, when a receipe calls for rice flakes use oats instead and carefully read labels on wheat free products...


Coeliac Research: from Päivi Markkanen on 2009-11-08


I live in Finland and I have a coeliac disease. I can eat so called out pure outs. It's special outs, which haven't have the smallest amount of wheat,

rye, barley. Pure outs have been specially handed from planting and harvesting to production to avoid contamination from other grains ( wheat,

rye, barley ). It's more expensive than normal outs, though. But it's normal with gluten-free products. Especially I like pure outs biscuits.

Regards, Päivi