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coeliac in young children: from nicole on 2007-12-18

Aussie mum also with children with cd, would love to talk to someone with local point of view

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from David on 2008-01-01

I have been having problems since april. In September i paid to have a Vegatest and was told that i was alergic to gluten. It has been four months now from i have been on the diet i have inproved but not totally better can it take longer to reverse the damage to your stomach as i am going mad not getting out off the house. I have been told to give it more time

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2008-01-01

I would not base any diagnosis on any test, such as the vegatest , that cannot reliably produce the same results in a double blind situation - where neither the subject nor the operator knows the expected result.
If your symptoms are sufficient to keep you housebound after four months on a gluten-free diet then this is unlikely to be a simple gluten allergy

Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Lisa on 2008-01-31

I have suffered with excessive sweating and BO for the last 8 years. The sweating was so bad it almost felt acidic on my skin! I have tried all different types of deodorants and searched the internet to try to find out why. Recently I decided to cut out wheat from my diet and I have been astonished to find that my sweating and BO problem has just disappeared! Is it common for a wheat intolerance to cause severe sweating and BO problems?



Coeliac & Constipatition: from Kathleen on 2008-02-04

I was diagnosed last week with Coeliac by a blood test carried out by my GP. My score was 54 and I have been refered to the hospital to see a consultant to have the diagnosis confirmed with either blood tests or an endoscope. As an appt at the hospital could take some time, I have a few questions and wonder if you can help answer them.

I have suffered from constipation for a number of years now, but since my daughter was born two and a half years ago it has gotten really bad. My GP thought it was IBS and I was treated for that for a while, but then decide to send me for the Coeliac blood test. I have tried to find out information on Coeliac and Constipation, but most of the symptoms refer to diarrhoea and weight loss. Am I abnormal? and how is Coeliac affecting me in comparison to someone with Diarrhoea?

Apart from the constipation symptom, I am really tired, and I previously put that down to being a mum of a toddler, although I have been much tireder than I have ever been in my life over the last few months, I have a lot of bloating in my stomach and have a lot of pain and cramps in both my stomach and back, but have put that down to the fact that I am constipated.

I would appreciate any replies and advice as I feel very lost and confused at the moment.

Thank you

Coeliac & Constipatition: from Peter on 2008-02-04

The coeliac condition results from damage to the lining of the intestines. The inflamation of this lining can result in the feeling of bloating and cramps.
The lining of the intestines absorb the nutrients from the food into your body. When this is not working properly it can make you feel very tired.
If the colon is not working properly to control the balance of liquid in the waste it can cause either diarrhoea or constipation.
Many of the symptoms of the Coeliac condition are the result of malnutrition through not absorbing nutrients correctly, but others can result from the antigens entering the bloodstream and causing adverse reactions elsewhere in the body.
This can make the condition very difficult to detect and diagnose.

Overweight coeliac: from Natasha on 2008-02-19

Hello, I too have the exact same problem, as well as my younger sister. We are both celiacs, both recently diagnosed. We have been struggling with our weight all our lives, and though we are both extremely physically active (cycling, walking (we don't own cars) jogging, swimming, you name it and we both eat extremely healthfully (no junk food!) we both are very "sturdy".

It is the same feeling, like our bodies are clinging on to the fat for dear life and if we eat anything remotely fattening, we put on 2-5 lbs in a week. I don't have any solutions for you except to share with you what we have been doing. My sister and I have both lost 15-20 lbs since going gluten-free, but this last 15 lbs (which would bring us to our doctor-ordered ideal weights of 145 lbs due to bone and muscle mass), well, it's tough.

I walk to work daily (5km). I jog/run 3 times per week, and as I am training for a marathon, those kilometres range from 7km to 15+kilometres. We both supplement with vitamin B12 as a deficiency in that vitamin is common with celiacs, and that deficiency causes fatigue, cravings for sugar/carbs, insatiable appetite, etc. I eat 4-5 apples per day as they give me sustainable, inexpensive energy and the pectin in the apples heals my stomach.

I do not eat any gluten-free baked goods as they are never very healthy or whole grain, kind of junk food that right now my body doesn't need. I eat alot of meat, rice and potatoes. I eat flax seed in kefir (kind of like yogurt). I do not worry about fat at all, as fat puts flavour and sustenance in food, as long as you are making healthy choices.

I also make sure that I take calcium/magnesium supplements as celiacs are low on this and it helps you sleep. If you are tired, your body will hold on to fat.

Basically, it is a slow, labourious journey to train yourself to re-think North America's food culture. We celiacs have to think along the lines of eating more like the East Indians, the Eastern Europeans, the farmers who first broke the land here. Simple, straightforward, whole foods, and exercise. Get rid of the car or your dependance on it, and you will see results. But it is hard work

non-coeliac gluten sensitivity: from geri on 2008-03-03


I've just had the biopsies for suspected coeliac--blood tests were negative. My consultant thinks it won't be coeliac as i don't have the classic symptoms but he thinks it's an intolerance to wheat. Can you tell me it an intolerance is treated with a gluten -free diet. many thanks

non-coeliac gluten sensitivity: from Peter on 2008-03-03

Yes, an intolerance to wheat should be treated in exactly the same way as the coeliac condition with a completely gluten-free and wheat-free diet

Infertility and Coeliac: from Michelle on 2008-03-25

I believe they are linked as I have had several miscarriages during my life and have been able to have one child naturally ( she is 12 ) my husband and I are on fertility treatments now and I believe this is all tied to me being an undiagnosed coeliac for most of my life with anemia, low iron, low blood pressure etc. I have been diagnosed recently ( Xmas 2007 ) so I am hoping that this will make a difference. - Michelle